Reds Shustah(c) continued

In continuation of the last post on the REDS of the Pages of Shustah© I will continue with the next 2 cards. BTW I forgot describe card #4 in the other post but have since included it.  🙂

The cards are illustrated for their unique artistry & to visually aid in the topic of this post.

#8 The Serpent.

Misinterpretations, a wrong move, cautious thinking, physical danger.  I have meditated on this card for a long time and the longer I look at it I can see all kinds of activity surrounding the snake.  Sometimes it just sits there and other times it seems to jump out of the card wanting to wrap itself around my neck.  The reason I know this is because I have a constricting sensation in my throat.

No matter when this card falls it will reveal to you the situation is high risk and potentially dangerous.  It can warn of accidents or profound financial losses.  If your card, the BLACK #14 The Self is beside the Serpent you must take care on the day of the reading.   Be watchful of what you do or where you find yourself.  Take another look at a situation because it is worse than you thought initially.

9.  Weeping Woman.

Grief, sadness, hidden emotions, defeat, lack of vitality.  I rather like this card even though it has more negative suggestions than positive.  Often, I hear the weeping woman sobbing rather quietly to herself but more often than not, I hear her chuckling or giggling.

Here is a card that promises a ray of hope.  The message is to get of your butt and do something about your circumstances.  It is difficult to tell if she is sitting on the ground or if she is sitting in a pool of her own tears.  The Shustah© deck is all about imagination and visualization.  You might see something else.

She has the ability to get up and dance her way through any troubles.  Look at her foot attire – no heavy duty construction boots.  When you get this card the message is to ponder on your next move.  Only you can snap out of a bad mood.

10. to be continued as an edit. Here we have a red card with a huge mushroom and a couple of frogs. Red leans towards challenges. The mushroom has no flowers or leaves. The 2 frogs are sitting under the mushroom. Looking at the images it does look like a dialogue is going on (description in the handbook by Ann Manser/Cecil North). When I meditate on this card in reference to my question, it gives me the feeling of “protection” and a “knowing” within me. I also see growth and toxicity.


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