LENORMAND card meanings 1-36

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1.  RIDER = This card is all about the movement of news.  It’s on it’s way and usually arrives within a short time.  As a person, for the most part a male, can indicate someone who is active and athletic. A jockey.

2.  CLOVER = Experiencing luck for but a brief time.  In situations it foretells  rapid advancements which can be positive.  In some cases where there is a romantic dilemma there can be a quick break-up instead of the slow process of the MOUSE card, which deteriorates the relationship.

3. SHIP = Travel of various types, in particular on or over water.  Importing and exporting business. Someone employed in the Navy or other related occupation as in a marina, fisherman, dock crew.

4. HOUSE =  Wherever you live.  When this card is beside the SHIP it can suggest a houseboat or trailer.  Matters concerning the family members.  A father or head of the household (King of Cups).  Property.

5. TREE = Pertaining to well being.  The root of a problem.  Nourishing one’s physical needs.  Energy level.  Can point to illness if surrounded by negative cards and even sudden death if the SCYTHE and TOWER are near.

6. CLOUDS = As a male (King of Clubs) he would be someone that is pessimistic.  In a situation the suggestion is to brace yourself for some rock n roll of your emotions.  Hectic. Disappointments.  A cooling off period.

7. SNAKE – Suggests a person or situation that is not trustworthy.  Can’t put your finger on it but it just doesn’t feel right. Spiteful. As a person (Queen of Clubs) can represent a daughter, girlfriend or sly female.   With the RING card can suggest the “other woman” or at least another person involved.

8. COFFIN – Endings. Conclusions. Closures. Opportunity for a renewal. In a situation the card promises a ray of hope. Surrounded by challenging cards such as SCYTHE, TOWER, PATH can predict an accident. Time to consider a new direction. A passing if the CROSS is close by as well.

9. BOUQUET – A gift or token of appreciation. Fond feeling towards you. Generally a favorable outcome regarding a situation.   As a person, (Queen of Spades) suggests a more mature female who generally is without a partner. Don’t worry be happy – the outcome is usually good.

10. SCYTHE – The cut that hurts and when it doesn’t hurt -it is all about the act of pruning things out of a situation. As a person (Jack of Diamonds), a caustic tongue & quick temper. With the HEART card, a permanent break-up, if followed by the SUN card it’s the best thing that could have happened. There are brighter days ahead.

11. WHIP – Mostly arguments & discussions. Tug of war on opinions. Can suggest being emotionally tired. As a person, (Jack of Clubs) suggests a person who is combative, a sh*t disturber. If the SCYTHE follows, the person walks out on you. When the PATH follows, a snap decision.  Can mean something is repeated twice or doubled.

12. BIRDS – Suggests lots of blabbing. “Girl/Guy talk”.  Can represent two of anything.  With the STORK & CHILD, strong possibility of twins. As a characteristic, a person who can talk their way out of a wet paper bag. Making a mountain out of a molehill.  Short travel. With the SNAKE, beware of flirt.

13. CHILD – Suggests issues around child(ren).  The beginning stages of a situation, project or relationship.  As a person (Jack of Spades) can be rather emotionally immature and wet behind the ears.   Being excited.  Coupled with the HEART card- a new love.  A card of naive hope.  When the SHIP is nearby distancing is involved.  Generally a positive influence.

14. FOX – Represents work situations. What type of work is involved will be revealed by surrounding cards, with the BIRDS can suggest a writer, teacher, librarian, lawyer.  The negative aspect of this card is cunningness.  Trying to outsmart someone.  With the CROSS card, heavy responsibilities that you don’t really want on the job.

15. BEAR –  Strong powerful energy. Suggests fear when a person abuses this power –victimization.  Forced into a circumstance.  In work questions promises stability.  With the HEART card a great love.  Coupled with the CLOVER card sudden financial increase.  As a person card can be a father or mother depends which one is more domineering. Grandfather.

16.  STARS – Promises triumph over challenges.  Brings positive & uplifting energy to most situations.  As a characteristic describes someone who is of quiet demeanor and easy to talk to.  Coupled with the TREE card suggest improved well-being.  With the MOON card a feeling of being spaced out – not grounded. Making a wish.

17. STORK – The messenger of change which can affect any area of life.  Coupled with the CHILD card suggest a birth.  Movement of stagnant circumstance. The change is revealed by the card following it.  Change can be positive or negative.  With the SCYTHE card the change is damaging and irrevocable.  As a person (Queen of Cups) will represent a female family connection. With the HOUSE card -change of residence

18.  DOG – Reliability.  You can count on this situation or person that is depicted in surrounding cards.  Coupled with the GENTLEMAN or LADY card suggest a deep bond of friendship.  A pet. When the RIDER card precedes this card a friend will come to visit you.  In work situations – steadiness and security unless followed by one of the negative cards.

19. TOWER– Describing buildings of all kind.  With the BEAR or FISH card depicts a financial institution. Coupled with the BOOK –a library or book store. Next to the HOUSE card- an apartment building, if the BIRDS card is close by- a seniors building. The adjoining card will tell you what kind of organization it is.  Another meaning is separation either between people and/or situations.  As a person –someone who is in charge, oversees, a controlling person.  Height.

20.  PARK– Positive influence.  All things creative & entertaining such as casino, art gallery, musical concert,  etc.   Being out in public.  To be exposed- publicity..  Coupled with the COFFIN card can suggest a cemetery. With the TREE card – a healing retreat, spa. Surrounded by negative cards can point to slander. Near the LADY or GENTLEMAN card- a person that is an extrovert, someone who likes to be center of attention.

21. MOUNTAIN- Challenges to overcome. A block or problem requiring careful consideration to solve.  Can be an area with actual mountains.  As a characteristic- a person that is hard to reach, someone who has difficulties surrounding them.  Coupled with the FOX – major stress, followed by the SCYTHE card -loss of job or getting fired.  With the TREE card-a lump or tumor but the other cards need to signify illness as well. Generally a card that is negative but with the promise of positive.

22. PATH– Choices.  Being presented with alternatives. A road trip. A card of being apprehensive.  With the BIRDS or STORK card –travel by air.  As a person (Queen of Diamonds) –restless, a mover & shaker.  Coupled with the ANCHOR card a definite decision that will be based on thorough research.  Falling in the middle between the LADY and GENTLEMAN card- an imminent conclusion of a dilemma. On the fence about something.

23. MOUSE– A slow drawn out process.  Bit by bit.  The loss of something.  Corrosion.  Coupled with the HEART card- a wearing down of the love energy.  With the FISH card- financial difficulties.  Near the CLOVER card – a quickened progression of situation.  Sometimes depicts unsanitary situations or people.  Considered mostly negative.  Can be a positive influence because it will predict slow and steady results.

24. HEART– The positive emotional level, however it  is influenced greatly by surrounding cards.  The love department in a person’s life.  Good cards nearby reinforce the strength of feelings contained within.  Affection, caring.  As a person (Jack of Hearts) suggests a romantic or potential love interest.  Coupled with the GENTLEMAN card will describe a love-filled individual. Near the CROSS card- a Karmic affair with a fated feeling. With the DOG card-doesn’t get much better –utmost loyalty in love.

25. RING – Commitment on all levels.  Suggests a verbal bond.  Coupled with the LETTER card can mean a legal obligation.  The essence of this card is cycles and all cycles have high and low stages.  The neighboring cards will explain the type of conditions involved.  With the HEART card plus other confirming cards- an engagement.  Near the BEAR card –financial contract.

26. BOOK– All that is unknown and most of the time to be revealed unless there are blockage cards. Can suggest secrets – knowledge that has not been brought forth or a reference book.   Coupled with the TREE card a health condition will be discovered.  With the RIDER card –a delivery of package or parcel.  Beside a person card points to one of two things, either a higher level of intelligence or a dubious nature, closed off personality.  A deck of fortune telling cards when near the MOON & STARS cards.

27. LETTER – Covers a vast amount of areas –the written word.  Easy enough to figure out by looking at the nearby cards.  News, announcements, memos etc.  Coupled with the BIRDS card juicy gossip.  With the PARK card an invitation to a gathering or party.  Near the CROSS card- disturbing news.  When the SCYTHE & COFFIN cards are  involved – obituary.

28. GENTLEMAN– Male seeker of cards.  The special partner of a female, husband, boyfriend, fiancé etc.  As a person, generally a neutral card because it is influenced by surrounding cards.  Coupled with the HOUSE card- a homebody.  With the FOX or ANCHOR card- male connected to work or worried about job.

29. LADY– Female seeker of cards.  The partner of the male getting the reading.  When the GENTLEMAN & LADY cards fall in the “now” spot the suggestion is that these 2 people will see each other (if living apart) or be caught up in an important situation.  Coupled with the MOON card- an emotional personality.  With the MOUNTAIN card-unable to express feelings.

When the BOOK card is beside either of these two cards & falling in the future spots, it can indicate meeting someone new especially if the CHILD card is involved.  With the STORK card- return of a former lover or friend.

30. LILY – Protective and supporting influence.  As a person, (King of Spades) a mature  individual that represents a caring approach who will assist you. He is not someone that you can easily fool.  Coupled with the TREE card can suggest a medical or holistic doctor. With the TOWER card- a landlord or owner of properties.  When negative cards are nearby suggests a person that has a harmful effect such as making you feel guilty or insecure.  Positive cards will enhance the strength of this card.

31. SUN – Powerful & Positive.  Embodiment of success.  As a characteristic suggests a warm-hearted person, someone who gleams with confidence.  In a situation, brings ease where there is doubt. Will guarantee a good outcome-something to look forward to. Following negative cards will ensure victory but preceding- happiness that turns sour.

32. MOON – Teeter tottering of emotions.  Can suggest recognition or at least awareness to a situation.  Sometimes indicates the mother. The nighttime.  Casts a shadow on adjoining cards. Coupled with the PATH card-not the best time for decisions. With the STORK card induces uncertain change.

33. KEY – Opens and closes the doors to knowledge about people and situations.  Mostly a positive influence in that it will lead to some sort of resolution. Coupled with the SCYTHE card –leads to a dead end. With the COFFIN card points to new directions in solutions.

34. FISH – The money card. As a person, (King of Diamonds) can suggest someone that is connected to the financial filed. Connected to matters that are fluid.  Coupled with the PARK card- a nightclub or bar.  With the CHILD card – a growing bank account, money spent on things pertaining to children.  Near the SCYTHE card can indicate coming into some loot quite unexpectedly.

35. ANCHOR – What you do for a living. Strengthens neighboring cards so that there is more security. Finding the target or goal. As a characteristic, someone who is dependable.  Coupled with the WHIP card will indicate 2 jobs. With the MOUSE card –loss of position.

36. CROSS – A test. Related to Karmic situations. It’s a sure thing. In the positive aspects of this card there is a promise of completion. Describes something important. Coupled with the HOUSE card- negative news approaches regarding a family member. With the Moon card –profound thoughts. Near the SHIP card- a trip out of necessity.

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