RED Shustah(c) cards

The RED cards.

#1 Death

Interpretation & Suggestions – a card of endings, completions, conclusion. It is the final stretch in a situation. What appears to have died is really only a change in the state of it, a shifting of energy in another direction. The Death card indicates that most likely you will not get what you want in the way you want it.

It is important to understand the process you are involved in and try to look at the entire scheme of things. The re- birthing process. Knowing the closure is a necessary part of moving on. Also, the removal is necessary because it is either not in your highest good or it does not have enough vitality/purpose to grow any further. 

#2 Little Foxes

Interpretation & Suggestions – a card of interference, intrusion, mingling, interjections. There are many factors to consider when this card makes it’s appearance. What seems to be plain and simple is on the contrary. Hidden motivations play a large part in the final outcome.

At times we attract situations/people blocks or temporary challenges to ourselves because we do not feel 100% worthy of the positive outcome we are wishing for. Are your intentions sincere? Many times there are facts we are not aware of when asking a question. The Little Foxes represents the shadows or doubts that are cast upon certain situations.

#3 Separating Fence

Interpretation & Suggestions – as it’s title suggests, a separation, being apart, phenomenal barrier, dream state, a break up, severing of ties. There is an emotional and/or physical distancing going on. You could be getting ahead of yourself or getting in your own way. Two people part ways. A situation is extracted from your life on a permanent basis. A card of self empowerment when facing adverse conditions.

It is time to pull away from a person that is creating disturbances or havoc in your life. Stop being the “patsy”, a term used to describe a person in an abusive relationship. You do have the intellectual strength to reallocate your emotional ties.

Sometimes this card suggests making contact with loved ones who have passed on. In this case, the fence is the division between the two worlds. More often than not, there is a far bit of miles between you and someone else that comes from a change of residence.

#4 The Bed

Interpretation & Suggestions– ailments, physical/emotional setback, resting, recovery, sleeping.   The bed is a symbol for many things.  Notice the bed is empty and it doesn’t look like it has been slept in.  The two pillows suggest a situation that could be intimate in nature between 2 people such as an emotional link.  

Often we do our best thinking in bed and when we are in our dream state we can actually confront our problems & find solutions to them.  You can train yourself to remember your dreams & develop your own personal dream symbols.

In a reading, this card warns you to take care of your physical needs.  Rest is required to be a fully functional human being.  When interpreting with other Red cards the warning becomes serious and there could be an illness involved.

Other physical needs are depicted by the bed such as love-making.  This does not mean whenever you see this card that you will end up having a wild night in the sack, but it does mean sex might be an issue of concern.

#5 Black Cat

Interpretation & Suggestions – pay attention, sudden change in decision keen observation, being alert, uncontrollable urges. A strong warning to look before you leap. If you are planning to move on in a certain direction be warned that you will meet up an external situation that mirrors your fears and other negative emotions. This situation can come in the form of a person who is not interested in your emotional well being. It can be a situation that will take you down if you have the attitude that you can do no wrong by stepping on the toes of the wrong people.

In romantic questions, the Black Cat forewarns volatile emotional outburst that occur out of the blue. A seemingly quiet and good natured person is laced with an intense jealousy streak.

#6. Closed Gate

Interpretation & Suggestions – prevention, halt, obstacle, don’t count on it. In one word – NO. It’s time to think about what you are doing. Maybe you are going about it all in the wrong way or you have an inappropriate plan to a solution. Often all you can do is accept that it just is not going to work out the way you had hoped. You should step back and reassess the situation. Do as the Tarot Hanged Man – change your perspective. The “thing” that is in the way is the least of your problems because there are other alternatives. Have you even tried to get through the obstacle?

In some situations, a “no” answer is a relief. Often the want of a refusal is completely positive. For example if you asked about pregnancy (& you do not want to conceive) or a terminal illness (your xrays are good).

Another way to look at the Closed Gate is by asking yourself if you are in denial about something & why?

#7 Whip

Interpretations & Suggestions – punishment, discipline, focus, getting an emotional or intellectual beating. The mind is capable of lengthy study or research if need be. Self-discipline requires a commitment. When you start a project and plan to finish you must be focused not only on the beginning but also on the end. I don’t mean in an obsessive way but it needs to be part of the processing framework.

Often the Whip represents a potential threat which never materializes. It is just lip service. This can be taken in many ways because you can be told, “do it or else” or it can come across as bribery / guilt. I have seen this card to mean a curfew and a limitation as well.

🙂 The 1st 7 RED cards are completed 🙂

Shustah(c) cards illustrated for the purpose of this post

… to be continued in future upcoming post …



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