Lenormand #30 Lily

I was looking over some of my Lenormand posts that I have linked to the cards + meanings in the tab under the header called “Lenormand”.  There are a few cards that I did not link to detailed posts, and #30 is one of them, The Lily.  Actually I did write about it when it was in combination with other cards but perhaps not as a stand alone card.  Thanks Noelle for sending me an email pointing out that a few links were not functional.  I have since corrected this.

King of Spades – The Lily.

Traditionally, this card is about a harmonious influence, the family and an older loving man which the King of Spades is rarely associated with.  Many of the European sites suggest a sexual connection with this card as well.

The cards will lend a “helping hand” or support to the neighboring cards.  Here is an energy that you would want as a contributing factor in a layout especially if it follows those “bad” cards. In one word – encouragement. There is wisdom and experience contained within the card’s essence.

Combinations to consider:

  • Next to the Stork, #17 being on the right side or beneath, it signifies the return of an old flame. Look to the card following the Stork to see what will materialize.  Is it the Scythe? (the whole thing blows up in your face)  Is it the Clover? (nothing permanent will occur) Is it the Cross? (unfinished Karma)
  • Coupled with the Child it foretells of a new love or relationship. It is important to consider the following cards to see what happens.  The same applies here as with the Stork + Lily combo.  There are many other cards as well that will usually give you a specific direction.
  • With the Fish card there is a promise of a growing bank account or steady improvement in finances. Possibly investments with a good return.  Also with the Anchor card- securing a job with room for growth within the company.
  • Near the Heart, an admirer. The Book nearby – a secret admirer.  Does this admirer profess his/her love?  (look for the Key or Letter cards)  Will the admirer remain a secret?  (look for the Mountain or Coffin cards)

Spiritually – beside the Snake the suggestion is that the Kundalini energy has been activated.   I would recommend that you do not play around with the energy of  Kundalini unless you are absolutely sure that you can handle it or are receiving assistance from a more experienced practitioner.  This meaning is only applicable if you are looking at the cards on another level.   In a more mundane explanation the Lily + the Snake would suggest a powerful sexual attraction or experience.  You know the kind that knocks your socks off.  🙂  🙂


6 thoughts on “Lenormand #30 Lily

  1. Hi Seaqueen!Thank you for this great site! I’m learning to use the Lennies and it’s a new language from Tarot!
    I did a 3×3 spread On love. Lilies was in 3rd row, followed Clover – Paths. I was just wondering when the card would mean a man vs peace and reassurance? Does it just depend on neighboring cards?
    In my spread, I took it to mean good decision relating to my boyfriend (older man) or decision which brings peace in a relationship. (other cards flanking were good. (sun – anchor last column)

    • Thanks for you comment and question.
      On love. Lilies was in 3rd row, followed Clover – Paths
      The Lily card is also about harmony and does depict a close man to the family in some cases. Generally, King of Spades is read as a mature man (older). This could apply to a younger man as well if he is quite responsible and takes life more seriously.
      Looks like the cards you speak of are in the middle of the 3×3. The Clover would be your focal point or issue at hand. It is a lucky card but it also means a short term decision when coupled with the Path. I think the peace in the relationship you mentioned already exists. The Path card points to taking the relationship to another level. If Anchor/Sun are in last column then there may be a work related situation coming up in the near future which may involve a decision both of you are involved with. Make sense?

      • Yes it does. Wow Seaqueen you provide great and helpful feedback!

        By any chance do you recommend a spread or combinations to look for with lenormand That will show when a rough patch is overcome or what denotes reconciliation? I’m new to the Lenormand. Thank you!

      • Hello.
        Thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking about a relationship reconciliation? Just shuffle your deck and take 5 cards off the top of the deck.
        1 2 3 4 5
        The 3 card is usually the focus of the question and will tell your the energy /meaning surrounding the situation. Cards 1 and 2 give you some background/past and cards 4 and 5 provide clues to the answer to the question. You can ask the Lenormand cards for a time frame but it’s best to phrase that in your question. For example: will this situation get improve within 1 month or 3 months, etc. Let me know if this is what you meant by your question in the comments section. There are a variety of layouts to use. As far as combinations you would want the stronger positive cards following the more negative ones. Madame Seaqueen.

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