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What a lovely bunch of cards to get when asking the question about financial improvements. I often get telephone calls from people who aren’t ready for a full reading because they just want to ask one or two quick questions. I don’t mind doing this on occasion but if it becomes too regular then I suggest that they make an appointment to have a session with me.


Yellow cards are all about gain, creativity and spiritual energy. Blue cards have constructive energy which usually has a definite result one way or another. It depends which one it is  because there can be stagnation in this so called constructive energy as well.

The 3 spots have specific rather traditional meanings according to Ann Manser & Cecil North’s accompanying book. I find this layout quite similar to the Symbolon deck layout. From my experience the cards do not always stay true to the spots they fall in. Many times I have seen card #1 or #2 as the outcome. I’m not certain why this happens but it does.

#1 – the basis of the question

12. Golden Horse depicts intuition. One of it’s other meanings is victory. The horse that wins the cup in the race. One thing to remember is that the “cup” is most likely the question asked. All indicators are that there will be success and the color scheme is excellent. Progress is indicated but one must factor in the intuitive aspect. Here the “gut feelings” play a role as well.

#2 – the situation in question

9. Spinning Top is filled with surprises and usually they are pleasing. If the card following is it red then you know the surprise is not pleasant and there could be additional struggles coming your way. This card can be interpreted in two ways. The surprise will either startle you because it is too good to be true or it can go the other way too. Often we get stunned when really good things happen to us as well. It’s like saying, “I can’t believe this happened, it’s a miracle”.  Or “I can’t believe he/she died”.

#3 The result of the question

9. Big Wish is a blessing. The person will get the financial improvement that was asked about most likely in an unexpected way, but through positive circumstances.    This card is a BIG YES. 

And so we have one happy camper receiving advice that came from the Pages of Shustah© oracle.

Rev Ken Foor’s blog is dedicated to the Shustah© cards

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4 thoughts on “Trio Shustah(c) reading

  1. What an awesome draw- I am resisting the the urge to splurge SQ!!
    this is a super cool deck– very insightful== might have to pop into Rev Ken Foor’s site and check it out..


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