Seeking advice from the LeNormand ARLO using the block of 9 layout.

A long time client contacted me via email with a concern about her brother. They have had an estranged relationship over the years with little communication. Veronica wanted me to ask my cards on what is going on with her brother at this current time.  I selected the Gentleman card to represent Bryan and placed it in the center of the block of 9 layout. Then I shuffled the remainder of the deck keeping the question in mind and laid the cards beginning at the top left across 3, second row card 4, Gentleman which is card 5 and card 6 to the right of him. I continued on the bottom left with cards 7-9. 

The deck I am using is the LeNormand ARLO which is a simple black and white deck. This deck is no longer available according to my research. I purchased it in 2011, however, the Etsy shop has not been active for many years.

I coloured the cards using soft pencil crayons as the card stock is not very heavy. Also, I colour coded the borders by shading them for some of the main positive and negative cards. I do this with many of my decks when I have duplicates. I usually have a working deck and a deck for my collection. I am fond of all cartomancy systems. Sorry, it is taking so long but Seaqueen’s Oracle cards are simmering on the ‘to do’ list. The card bags will be available on Etsy by September 15th.  If you are interested or want more information about the sizes of bags you prefer please let me know on FB ➡ Jozefa Seaqueen

The question is about the current time so we read all 9 cards accordingly. Yes, I know the far left column is usually the past and the far right column is the future but that is not what Veronica is asking about.

Also, if Veronica wanted to know what is going on with her brother over the next 3 months you would read column 1 as month one, column 2 as month 2 and column 3 as month 3 and the Significator would have not been preselected.  

Ok, let us take a look at what is going on with Bryan. It is never a good thing when the Tree card sits beside the Significator. With Mountain, Mouse and Cross within the layout and touching the Gentleman card there is a strong indicator there could be a health issue. We have two positive cards Anchor and Clover but the are not strong enough in their energy against the other 3 more negative cards. 

The other Significator card showed up as well. I want to use this card to represent Veronica since she is asking the question. It is hard to tell if the Significators are on the same page. They both are looking in the same direction – to the front but more to the right direction. Bryan is carrying excess baggage no doubt (Cross) which is eating away at him (Mouse). Something quite profound is bothering him to the point that it is blocking his ability to communicate with his sister. (Mountain). He will continue to carry the burden (Cross) of being stuck (Anchor) within his own power (Bear) which is slowly being depleted (Mouse). The connection he has with his sister (Lady) feels really painful (Cross) for one reason or another. With the Clover card above him there is a slim chance is he able to sort out some of his minor hang-ups. 

We can read the block of 9 in various ways but for the purpose of today’s question I think Veronica has ample information.



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