7-card Romany layout featuring Barbara Moore/Eugene Smith Classic Tarot

The Romany layout is usually done with 21 cards but I found that just by using 7 cards you can gain valuable information as well. I am featuring Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot by Barbara Moore/Eugene Smith.

My friend T has been overwhelmed with additional responsibilities at work. I told her I would look at her transits which I will later this week. I wanted to see how things would develop for her via Tarot cards and then compare the information to the Astrological transits. She did not exactly provide me with a question but I am pretty sure she is wondering if her work situation will lighten up and improve and probably a few other things. 

Card 1 describes what energy is around T at the current time. 

This is a perfect card to fall in this spot. It might not be the best card to open the reading but it is important that whatever card falls here reflects what is actually being experienced. It looks like T is doing a lot work herself. This Queen is certainly capable of taking the lead and being in charge. Traditionally, this card also carries some sadness. When I was younger (much younger) 🙂 and I saw this card I used to call it the ‘sword of separation’ especially if the reading was about a relationship of some type.

Card 2 talks about T’s environment. 

There seems to be a lot of bantering going on. This card is not really about fighting it is about various idea and opinions being thrown around. Mind you this can be challenging in itself. Here we have some competitive energy which could be within T. She could be ‘fighting’ with herself due to the current circumstances. She thinks too much about everyone else which often tires her out. The great thing is once this card is overcome success is around the corner. 

Card 3 reveals opportunities or challenges. 

I do not think T realizes just how ‘together’ she really is because she already knows how to ‘give’ but she is not that comfortable ‘taking’. By seizing any help offered to her she can partner up and move forward in what needs to be done by her exclusively. All she has to do is delegate. 

Card 4 represents hopes and fears. 

Often hopes and fears are one in the same for certain people. T is hoping for a fresh start in some ways. Aces are about beginnings. Within this Ace is the seed for more advanced growth. This card indicates a new direction. I think T will seize some opportunities and run with them. This should occur within a few weeks.

Card 5 is all about surprises.

The King of Pentacles will be an unexpected and welcome influence. But who is he? Does T already know him? He certainly has good financial know-how. I think someone will cross her path that will offer some suggestions on how to grow a business. He could also be someone that will take on some responsibilities which will lighten her load. I have always seen this King as a man who is already established in his line of work, therefore, his advice is valuable. This man will help T come up for ‘air’ so to speak. He will definitely point her in the right direction even though somewhere in her mind she already knows all that.

Card 6 represents a 1 month time frame. 

How nice to see this card. Within one month T will be in a different ‘space’. This card is all about a change for the better. This could suggest improvements in finances. It can also indicate that she will be able to pursue her hunger for knowledge (falcon). 9’s are about completions so there will also be a lot of tying up loose ends during this time.  

Card 7 represents a 3 month time frame.

Smooth sailing ahead. The turbulence experienced at this time will be behind T within 3 months if not sooner. She could even take a short break or a mini vacation. I sense that T will set sail with idea she was thinking about prior to the current challenges. Often this card suggests an ‘awakening’ or spiritual journey. I can see that T will embrace some new direction which will feed her thirst.

Summary: The dense energy of the current time will be lifted. Other opportunities are coming which will ease the burden. A man will be instrumental by providing much needed advice. Within one month or so much of this dense energy will clear but it could take until the end of 2020. A new direction is embraced which is a branch of the type of work T is currently doing. 

5 thoughts on “7-card Romany layout featuring Barbara Moore/Eugene Smith Classic Tarot

  1. Hello Madam Seaqueen,
    Can one do this particular seven card spread without a question and if so, is it best to pick random cards or the typical shuffle and cut method? Thank you!

  2. Mdm Seaqueen,
    In your opinion, if a person was at a crossroads in their life and trying to figure out which direction they were headed in, what would be the best spread to use in their situation? A traditional Celtic Cross, a seven card Romany spread , or your short 12 card Romany spread?
    Thank you!

    • Hi. I would create a layout with the theme card (Path if using Lenormand) in the middle and a fan of cards to the left and a fan of cards to the right. So, your layout would like a big V. You could just ask the cards for guidance and do the Celtic Cross but you need to have a good understanding of the cards and the positions they fall in.

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