12 card Trigger layout featuring Old Style Lenormand by Alexander Ray

Today, I am featuring the Old Style Lenormand cards by Alexander Ray. I will will be using my 12-card Trigger layout for a 70 year old man in a long-term relationship. Recently, this person received a health diagnosis which is the ‘root’ of the reading. Some of you in my FB groups will know the background of this man.

Question: How do things look (health) for J. within the next 3 months.

The immediate column after the NOW column was determined at the time of shuffle – one month. The soon column (last one) will be within 3 months. The first column is the recent past. This is not years it is weeks. I have used this layout with many different decks. 

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The first thing we do is the study the Trigger Row (middle). ANCHOR, MAN, TREE and LETTER to give us an idea of what is going on. Always keep your question in mind when deciding which Lenormand meaning to use. The Anchor is all about work but it is can be about something solid. Without getting into the particulars of what is solid we know it is close to him. He faces the Tree card representing his well-being which will be highlighted for the next month. Traditionally, the Tree next to the Significator is not a good sign. Within 3 months he will learn of news regarding his health. Now, we move back to column 1 studying the past cards. 

BIRDS, ANCHOR, SCYTHE: Major anxiety and stress has hit this man. He has worked hard at maintaining his health but there was a sudden unexpected situation which caused his immense pain. In some cases, the Scythe card represents surgery. I want to point out the Birds does represent the throat.

NOW: FISH, MAN, LADY: Notice the Significators face opposite directions and yet they are connected. He has his finances on his mind. The Fish card also mean increase which means growth (of that something solid). The partner is thinking about him but she also faces the Scythe so those thoughts are not supportive. She is also joined by the Fox which traditionally points to a real negative person. Another way to look at Scythe+Lady is that she could be the surgeon but with Fox following her I have to wonder if it means she is skillful or going about it all wrong. 

ONE MONTH: STORK, TREE, FOX: Yes, there will be changes around his health in this timeframe. The Fox speaks about the consequences of those changes going in the wrong direction. I usually do not read trios randomly in this layout but for some reason Fish/Stork/Cross stands out. Always follow your gut feeling. Even though this layout has defined positions be open to others things standing out which should be read. The Fish card meaning of increase-growth was changed by the Stork to the outcome of suffering (Cross) that is not a good sign. There is definitely something wrong for some reason. Is it wrong treatment? Is J going to be misdiagnosed (Tree + Fox) over the next few weeks? Gosh there is strong evidence of that with combo.

Within 3 MONTHS: CROSS, LETTER, DOG: The news coming in this timeframe initially will cause hardships and pain. Many times Letter is an actual legal document. It can be Tree+Letter a prescription or treatment. This man will experience grief because of some news. 

I place more value on the last Trigger card Letter than the last card in the layout. I think there will be some painful decisions over legal papers that can involve J’s health as well as his finances.

However, the layout does end with Dog’s energy and not some challenging card like Mountain or Coffin. Letter and Dog often mean news about a friend but Dog is beside the Fox so the question is just how good a friend is this?  Also with the Cross card starting this column the news might not be so favourable about a friend. Lots of possibilities and time will tell.

The other thing is at the time of shuffle the energy around the question is as it appears in the card layout. You know that if there is a sudden or radical change in client’s mind or direction that will alter the probabilities. Should that radical decision have appeared in the cards. Good question?

3 thoughts on “12 card Trigger layout featuring Old Style Lenormand by Alexander Ray

    • Hi Annie. Thanks for the question. The Trigger row extends to the last column timeframe that you set. So, the summary of the Trigger cards is the predictive statement within ‘?’ timeframe. The Now column is usually a day or two before and a day or two after the shuffle.

  1. If I follow my intuition I see the lady representing the surgeon but I don’t see the fox being harmful here as he’s followed by the dog. Now it was dog/fox that would be a different matter.

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