Asking the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten about a visit + UPDATE

I thought I would share this reading. It is a good way to learn and it can stimulate you into forming your own interpretation. Plus, I can provide feedback once the day in question has passed. 

I pulled these cards to ask whether or not I will get a ‘scheduled’ visit on Friday. All the usual safety measures are in place.

  1. LETTER: an answer is coming, message, communication, news can bring change for the good or not so good depending on preceding card. There is no preceding card so we look to the one following which will be the result or consequences of the change.

  2. MALADY: general negative state, unpleasant feeling, possible illness in someone’s household.

  3. HOUSE: member of family, home, household. Coupled with Malady there could be an issue involved someone that is not feeling well. Is it me? Is it the visitor?

Summary: Based on the 3-card reading there could be a situation arising which could change plans temporarily. A message will arrive shortly. The closing card has to do with family or a family member so I am wondering if the person may reschedule. I will find out on Friday and add an update. 

Friday July 10/2020: Update. The scheduled visit will not happen. No illness involved the person is staying home.

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