Lenormand Solitaire (c) 2018 Deluxe Card Limited. 5-card reading.

Today’s post will not be a review of the successful kickstarter project Lenormand Solitaire. I will reserve that for a later date. What I will say is that there are two decks. One deck has the 36 cards and one deck has 18 cards. The 18 card deck has 4 partial images and you lay them out while looking for matches. All matches are read upright so you don’t turn the cards around like you would with the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards by Svetlana Touchkoff. Informative post on this deck —-> Russian Gypsy F T cards.  

Also, here’s a link to a FB vid on the Lenormand Solitaire —–>Deluxe Card Ltd.

This reading was taken from my database. I replaced the original cards with the Lenormand Solitaire so you can see the cards if you haven’t yet. I thought it would be fun to look at the 5-card layout in a couple of different ways. As many of you know I was originally trained in traditional meanings via translated meanings. Over the years I have explored reversals, different aspects of the cards and considered progressed/modern day meanings, Court card, etc.

For the most part I am an intuitive reader. We all have intuition but some good knowledge of the cards, plenty of experience you gain skill which heightens your intuition. I usually read left to right, read directions and I read the images. Many of you use the middle card as a focus card or theme. I do that sometimes as well. I do not get caught up in being rigid in my approach to layouts and how to read the cards. I trust my intuition to guide me to whatever needs to be studied. 

If you are just learning how to read the Lenormand I hope you find today’s post helpful. For those of you that are experienced you may learn something as well. 🙂  I know I love to learn something new about any of my decks. 

BTW, at the time of writing this post I still do not have feedback on the last post. Ok, let us begin. In case, you cannot make out the names on the cards they are:

  1. 31 Sun – opening card

  2. 10 Scythe –

  3. 6 Clouds – theme in the alternate way of reading the 5-card layout

  4. 24 Heart –

  5. 28 Gentleman – closing card

This reading was for a 38 year old male client that was dating a same gender person. D. wanted to know what the prospects were for the connection with S. I found this a very interesting reading that is one of the reasons I am sharing it.

The Sun card opens the reading. This shows D’s optimism about the relationship. By the looks of the first card there is real potential of this connection working out. As we move on to the next card, the Scythe, we can see that much of the positive energy is suddenly discontinued. D’s hopes have been dashed to the ground. What happened? Why the abrupt halt. I cannot clearly make out where the pointed part of the scythe is facing but I think it is to the right – up the clouds butt. 🙂 Of course, I didn’t say that in my reading that I sent to D. The King of Clubs has something to do with all of this. I want to read the Clouds card as S (D’s love interest). 

The not so good dark side of the clouds has entered the equation. Note: if you start with this card you will know right off the bat that there is major uncertainty around D and S. Something isn’t quite right. Even though the influences of this card usually passes quickly it does emit some spoiled energy onto the next card – The Heart. The bright side of the clouds faces the Heart card and this seems to be good sign (so far). 

The closing card is D’s significator card 28 Gentleman. He is looking away from the Heart card. Did he turn his back on this connection? Since we are reading the future, well I am, in the left-right way of reading this told me D would not want to continue the connection with S.  The beautiful Heart card is behind him. I told D in my email reading that he would probably change his mind and move on from S. That is exactly what happened. D just could not trust S and once the trust is broken it is challenging to restore it. Also, the D was more into the relationship than S. S was not clear about his intentions and when he did get a handle on his feelings it was too late.

Now, for those of you that started with the middle card and worked back to the Sun and Scythe you probably read these two cards as the premise or foundation of the reading and the Heart and Gentleman cards as the result. Either way the outcome is the same.   

Excuse any typos I no longer have spell check for some reason. I hope any advertisements following this post are done in good taste (out of my control)

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