Simple 4-card Elements layout featuring Le Tarot de Marseille reveals ample info.

I am featuring the 1992 Le Tarot de Marseille by Fournier in the 4-card Elements layout that I created in 2007. The objective is to see what advice the cards have for Billy on his question which is stated below.

I shuffled the deck while thinking of Billy’s question about finding love with the right person. To date his relationships have been short-lived and unsuccessful.

In the deck I am using the green background of the pips is the wands suit and the blue background is the swords suit. How do I know this? Well, the Court cards helped me to figure it out. The earlier printing of some of my Marseille decks the backgrounds were not differentiated in this way. Actually, I find it very helpful with the different coloured backgrounds.

About cards 1 and 2:

Current thoughts: Justice

Billy is caught in doing the right thing with the right person. He is thinking about an honest relationship.

Your feelings: 2 of Pentacles/Coins

He wants to have a physical relationship whereby he is sharing his feelings with his partner.

About cards 3 and 4:

Plan of action: 3 of Swords

This card is advising Billy to break free of the intellectual pain he has endured in the past. He needs to let go of the notion that there is a right person because people cannot live up to someone’s idea of ‘right’.  If he taps into his individuality he will find his own skin. This is important. He may need to let go of imagined hurts as well. 

What can happen: 5 of Pentacles/Coins

If Billy takes the advice of the cards thus far he will experience a big change in his attitude about relationships. Having a more earthy attitude is helpful. If you remember the scene in the Waite Tarot about the downtrodden people outside of a church it illustrates a dramatic experience of this card. Billy will probably continue to look for love in the wrong places. The 3 of Swords experience has not been understood fully. Billy should not lose faith in ever finding love with the right person. That pentacle in the middle needs to be kicked out of the way.  🙂

So, we need to leave him on a high with this reading.

I did take the next card off the top of the discarded pile to use as a Clarification card for additional advice after seeing the 5 of Pentacles as the probable outcome.

Knight of Wands

Billy needs to take action. He needs to regain his passion and desire of having a relationship but in a more controlled manner. He cannot just jump into a relationship with the first woman that shows any kind of interest. He must overcome the 3 of Swords experience in a healthy and beneficial way. He should not continue to beat himself up which chances are he will.  (5 of Pentacles) You cannot heal overnight. These types of deep-rooted belief systems take time to fully understand. He needs to re-ignite his inner fires on a positive level.

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One thought on “Simple 4-card Elements layout featuring Le Tarot de Marseille reveals ample info.

  1. This layout definitely appeals to me. I would definitely change the order of the cards and here’s why: Intutively I would place #1. Thought on the right. Left brain, thought is expressed through the right side.
    #2. Feelings on the left side. Feelings are represented through the right side of the brain/left side of body.
    # 3. Plan of Action on bottom. What underlies & influences the situation. And
    #4. On top: the final outcome, what to expect.
    In this case when you read the cards above you wind up with a whole new interpretation.

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks Again

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