Tarot to go! Book and card set. Hanson-Roberts activity kit review.

I just could not resist purchasing the book and cards set featuring the Hanson Roberts Tarot. I have the original Mary Hanson-Roberts deck. My original cards had thick stock. Not surprisingly, the card stock in this set is thin. The little cards have no coating. The wear and tear of shuffling could easily damage them. Of course, you have the option of laminating them to make them longer lasting. I do not particularly like the slipping and sliding of laminated cards on both sides. I do not think only one side can be laminated by my laminator. The accompany book shows a 2002 copyright, however, I know I bought my deck in the mid 1980’s. This image below shows my deck from the 80’s with the keywords on them. Obviously, these three cards are part of the 10-card Celtic cross layout. I should check that post to see what happened. 🙂 

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Hard cover 111 page book:

  1. Write up on the Major Arcana includes the Astrological associations. I have not checked all of them to see if they are in keeping with what I learned from training with the Qabalah Tarot.

  2. The Celtic Cross and Horseshoe layouts are at the front of the book.

  3. All the 78 cards have the reversed meanings as well.

  4. It is a cute little book with coloured image of the cards. 

  5. Also you can remove the book from the case.

The Cards

I only had my metric measuring tape close by, lol, so I used it to measure the cards. Width – 5 cm. Length 8 cm.

I love the size of this deck. It will fit into my purse so easily. Have fun trying to open the package containing the cards. I had to use a butter knife to gently pry the lid open. I did not want to rip the lid. 

The Tarot to go! Book and card set (Rosalind Simmons) is being illustrated for the purpose of reviewing it. If you like this activity kit you can purchase it on Amazon at this time. 

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