June 2020. Part 3/3

This is the conclusion of the April, May and June 3-card forecast. Here we have two cards repeating which means the theme is carried forward into June 2020. 

The SHIP card appeared for the month of May and the Path card appeared for the month of April and here they are together. Looking at these two cards I had the feeling of spread in a myriad of directions. There are many roads in the Path card in this particular deck. We subconsciously choose certain decks prior to asking question because those decks should reflect the most accurate of answers. 

The last card, Sun, has only one road which could mean containment. It could also mean the Cvirus is heading straight for the sun and will burn itself out. I sure hope so! 

The Sun is a happy card filled with positive energy. It can also signify warmer weather. I tend to read the last card as the answer or result of the 3-card layout unless I specify other meanings. I did not assign meanings to the positions. What I gather from these three cards while having the last two readings as the foundation is there will be a change in direction or focus This will lead to a more uplifting energy found in the Sun card. 

Hidden energy or influence. Adding up all three cards 3+22+31=56 = 11. Oh yes, we have had a beating in many ways. Some of that is self-inflected because we are listening to conflicting information. I see the Whip as stinging energy. It plays out verbally or physically. We need to remember that this card is all about discussions and conversations. It is a card of fighting back and attaining some sort of justice. In the broadest sense it is a card of cleaning up the mess like taking a broom and sweeping everything clean. More will be revealed in the month of June.

I decided to do one final quick reading on this Cvirus topic using the Hungarian gypsy cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) for the month of June. 

My Art Deco fortune-telling meanings from 2008 are posted on ➡ SCRIBD Within these 52 cards you will find the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten and Biedermeir meanings as they are the same.

Ecclesiastic talks about having faith in the news (Message) that will be forthcoming. There’s a good chance we will hear of confessions (Message) in relation to this Cvirus.

The Message card covers a variety of communication media like the telephone, cells, emails, video/audio chats, etc. Are you holding on to some sort of communication/news because it’s the right thing to do (Eccesiastic)? Are we really satisfied with what we are being told. The woman in the Desire card has her back towards us. This indicates the many of us will be questioning the meaning of life. From these three cards the month of June suggest a continued search. There are no real ‘bad’ cards which is a good thing. 



2 thoughts on “June 2020. Part 3/3

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