MAY 2020 forecast. Part 2/3

Card readers can only interpret a snapshot of energy (probabilities) during the time of the shuffle. One needs to allow room for the twists and turns. It is nearly impossible for the reading below to be specific to you in your location.

I had to make sure I was a clear channel and that my mind wasn’t cluttered with other things. My take on the cards might be different from yours. All that depends on the meanings you learned, your current state of mind and emotions.

Stay Safe!!

The month of May looks a little more optimistic despite the fact that the Mountain card ends the 3-card layout. That can be a good thing and I will expand on that below. As a reminder I asked the cards what we should know about the actual Cvirus in the month of May. We already know what it can do and even though it is not a living organism prior to attaching to a human. So, the question really is about the circulation. 

The SHIP card talks about movement. It also sets the stage for change via movement. We know that as well. Through travel the spread is unavoidable. I think the card is talking about people in general not staying put and continuing to mingle as shown in the card next to it. The Park card is all about socializing, community events and crowds. That is a big NO-NO! But, who knows how things will be in May. Another more optimistic way to look at this combo is that people collectively will search for answers and change to put a stop or some kind of barrier. The MOUNTAIN card usually presents a problem that can take a long time to sort out. The Cvirus will continue to circulate under the right circumstances. It is a great enemy and we know that as well.

Interestingly the MOUNTAIN Card is saying no travel and no physical socializing. And that interpretation is plain as day.  

This situation is in transit (Ship) and is affecting the whole of society (Park) and we will come together (Ship) to find a way around this enormous challenge we are facing (Mountain). 

The hidden energy or influence: 3+20+21=44 =8 The Coffin card is about endings. Yes, it does represent death. I want to read the Coffin card as this situation with the Cvirus as approaching an end. Let’s look at this a little further. This card is all about mourning as well. The grief we all feel because of the sudden circumstance that altered our lifestyle in so many ways.  Deep inside we mourn the consequences of this ‘spread’ and the chaos and destruction it has created. 😦

Let’s not get pessimistic no matter what happens.

I want to believe that the Park+Mountain combined is stating that our communities are solid as a rock. Since I asked about the circulation it looks like the Mountain card is hinting at a cessation.  Hold on to HOPE!

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