Asking the 2013 Oracle cards for guidance.

I spent most of the day in a reflective mood. Some of the questions entering my mind were about the global situation involving the Cvirus. I wondered about so many things. As many of you know I like to dig deep to find answers. That could be my Scorpio Moon nagging me to investigate things further. 

I needed to locate the 2013 Oracle deck because it came to me in a dream. I listen to my dreams and even if they are lucid nightmares there is always a message in them. I distinctly remember he spoke of each and every card at the workshop and I took notes. I don’t know where those notes are now. The book/card set was sitting on my bookcase in my craft/reading room. I thought it odd it was out of alignment with the other book/card sets as if it knew I was coming to get it. 🙂 I will write more on this system at a later date.

I asked the 2013 Oracle (Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening) by David Carson & Nina Sammons (Art by Gigi Borri) what was the general guidance for the world at this time. I wasn’t sure I did the reading layout correctly even though I read the instructions in the handbook. This propelled me to email Mr. Carson requesting clarification of the layout. I hope he finds the time to reply to my email but I will post the reading nevertheless. I was fortunate to meet David Carson in 2006 when I attended his workshop in Vancouver. I waited in the long line to have his book, “Crossing into Medicine Country” autographed by him.

I took a few minutes to hold the cards prior to shuffling. As I shuffled slowly I thought of the question.

The first card to appear is the MONKEY (the mind) which you can find on page 51. This card presents the CHALLENGES. This card represents the hidden powers working against the question. “This card presents a chance to do introspection that was not possible as the current situation was materializing.” So, what does that mean? The mind creates your reality. Well, this situation seems pretty real to me. I mean I have watched countless numbers of vids with interviews of ‘real’ people who are directly affected by the virus. Is someone or something monkeying around with us?  

If you ever get a chance to read the entire section on the Monkey you will be startled and amused at the same time. On a global level it is important to find a way to clear foggy mental attitudes. It’s not about the ego now. Quick assumptions or conclusions are not advised. One piece of advice is to cultivate awareness through communication or to have that heart-to-heart conversation with a friend or loved one. One big challenge is for everyone to use their thoughts through a creative outlet.

The second card represents FUTURE CHALLENGES. The CELESTIAL TOAD (guardian of spirit) can be found on page 25. Where is this current situation leading and if nothing is done what is the likely outcome? Once there is an understanding of this there could be a glimpse of a solution. This card is about nurturing and expressing your inactive powers. The important message of this card is not to collapse during the darkness. Innate powers need to be reactivated such as gaining more knowledge and skills. To lay dormant to solutions during these times will not help the world. Answers will come from ‘spirit’.

And lastly the CROSSING CARD which has a very interesting meaning and quite possibly the solution. Here we find the DEER MAN (Compassion) which is located on page 35. With this card comes advice on how to re-establish balance. Some things cannot change, however, adjusting to new circumstances can be done. This card stresses the fact that we need to open our hearts to others especially now. Be true to your higher purpose. Fear not, judge not and stop worshipping the ego. It is vital we are kind and caring and that is one of the ways balance will be resumed. That’s not too much to ask for. The Deer Man is the keeper of the heart. “Compassion is the understanding that there are no insignificant events.” Have we lost compassion for Mother Earth and for each other? How does the Cvirus play out in all this? That is the next question I will be asking.

This is the guidance of the 2013 Oracle deck. It is simple and profound.

One thought on “Asking the 2013 Oracle cards for guidance.

  1. I’ve got a copy of THIS DECK – pleasantly surprised ‘somebody’ is getting some use out of it. ( This is unlike any Cartomancy / Divination System – that has been well researched.) Some Language and Grammar vs. What is translatable from INCAN / ASTECK era – can be challenging to translate.

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