Drop the fears and just read the cards that are in front of you.

Funny, how we reach for our cards when there is no other way to get some sort of reassurance or peace of mind. Of course, the cards do not always answer your questions directly but they do the best they can with the information you give them about the question. My question is straightforward, although, in the back of my mind are many other contributing questions. Let’s see what the line of 5 cards reveals about my question. Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. I am featuring the 5-card Advice layout.

Note that I laid the Child card a little higher because it falls in the ‘What you are not seeing’ position of the layout.

The great thing about posting this reading is that I can update it with real life facts in a couple of days. This is a great way to learn the Lenormand cards or any deck of cards for that matter. 

The basis of the question does involve a man.  It could be my SIL but he was not directly on my mind.

What I know: The Coffin card talks about the recent energy around my question. Not sure that I like this card because it hints at a standstill of sorts. I do not like the fact that the Coffin card is beside the Child card. This could show an illness. It can also show a man is not feeling well. 

What you are not seeing: the Child. This position is also about what you do not know. This card is beside the Coffin suggesting some illness. The fact that the Tower follows is tricky. That combo could be a school but it could also be a large institution such as a hospital or clinic. It is vital to stay on track by reading just the cards and not letting the imagination get in the way. The Child card is also about something ‘new’ or the beginning stages of something which will affect the Gentleman. I mean he is open the layout. 

Advice to follow: The Tower. This card has lots of meanings like government, authority, isolation, loneliness, separation, large institutions and so on. So, which meaning are we going to pick. You have to take the positional meaning into consider. Insofar as advice, it could come from some authority or people in charge. It could be a precaution. You also have to keep the question in mind as well. 

The result: the Moon. Something is being recognized that’s for sure. This card rules emotions as well. It can suggest a healing time. Dam, I sure hope it doesn’t mean within one month.

It is never a good idea to do a reading for someone close to you. If you have any fears, doubts even hopes that could affect your shuffle. I am not saying it will but it could. I am not liking these card at all because I am seeing something which I do not want to see.

So, it’s time to study the cards again. 

Let’s look at the Child card falling the middle spot of what you do not know or are not seeing. ➡ Well that was a surprise my grandkids just Face Timed me as I was studying the Child card for the second time. They sound and look good but are a little homesick. That will put a different slant on my interpreting the middle card (for now) because I was worried one of them wasn’t feeling well. 

We shall see when they return home. 

3 thoughts on “Drop the fears and just read the cards that are in front of you.

  1. Hi Michele. Thanks for the head ups. I thought I did put the question in the posts. 🙂 My main focus was if the family would return from their vacation in a healthy state. I had other things on my mind as well as potential delays, etc. Looking back on this layout I am not quite certain why the Man card opens the layout. Any ideas?

  2. Michelle: I never did finish my train of thought on the post because the grandkids Face Timed me, 🙂 The Tower card would be the self-isolation for the entire family which was a new development (Child) on the day they returned. The Moon card may still play out but it could just mean everyone’s true emotions are hidden (putting up a brave front for the sake of the children).

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