Asking the Hungarian gypsy cards whether an event will be cancelled. +few updates

With all the cancellations occurring lately I wanted to ask the Hungarian gypsy cards a question about an event. The layout I am using was custom created for this question. It can easily be used with any deck of cards posing any question.

  • I shuffled the cards thinking of my question, cut the deck 3x and assembled back to one pile.

  • I took the first card and placed it in the top left corner with card 2 beside it.

  • The middle card represents the situation (the event I am asking about).

  • The 4th was placed in the bottom left corner followed by card 5.

The question: What is it I should know about the event (the situation) scheduled for the 1st week of April?

The top two cards add details or influences to the Situation card: Jealousy + Letter. Here we see that I might be getting some news which pull at my emotions in a negative way. There are different shades of jealousy. It can be unhappiness because someone has something you want. Well, the organizers would have the last say in this matter. Even if I want the event to go ahead it may not. I don’t know this yet at this point of the reading.

Another idea came to me that event organizer might send out an email to reassure everyone that all will go as planned. This would be a vigilant approach to feel people out because I am certain some participants may back out. 

UPDATE: MARCH 13.2020: Received email from organizer stating the event will proceed as planned. It is still early enough and I am sure there will be more updates. 

The Situation: Death. What can I say? There is no growth potential in the card or even a hint that the event will be held. This card suggests very little encouragement for the event.  It’s a dead-end.  That can only mean a cancellation. But, if I decide not to go for a number of reasons I can see how the last two cards play out. One reason would be to protect myself from crowds. 🙂 The other reason is because there may not be any crowds at all if they are thinking what I am thinking. (This is a very real threat to our well-being.)

The Answer: Loss + Thought. Yup, that’s me thinking about the money I invested to participate in this event. Obviously, there is no refund shown because the Loss card plainly states it was a gamble in the first place to sign up. I believe there is a clause stating no refunds under any circumstances.  However, I am positive if the event is cancelled all those other participants will demand their money back. 

Summary: The cards are telling me not to hold my breath in this event materializing the first week of April. Either it will be cancelled or I decide not to go. 

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