APRIL 2020 forecast. Part 1/3

I am preparing three separate posts asking the Thelema Lenormand Oracle cards for guidance for the next 3 upcoming months April, May and June. One quick point is that the reading below is NOT set in stone because the future is fluid. 

I would like to mention that Paris Debono does daily readings using three different systems of cards covering the Cvirus in various countries. If you would like to hear what he has to say click on the following link. 


I realize that my readings can only be general guidance and are not specific to location. It is an overall forecast based on the meanings of the cards. When I shuffled the cards I was asking, “What should we know about Cvirus during the month in question?” I use the term Cvirus but you know what I mean. 


I had the feeling with the PATH card the virus will have much ground to cover (so to speak) during the month of April. It has lots more opportunities. Followed by the SCYTHE card, you would think it would be stopped in its tracks but the message is deeper. 

The PATH card combined with the SCYTHE cards speaks about the freedom to make decisions is being suddenly taken away. The choices are limited. That covers many areas of one’s life. 

The STARS card is about our wishes. The SCYTHE card is about speed. The energy escalates. This combination is all about placing our feet firmly on the ground or we will lose our footing. No amount of wishful thinking will change the situation that surrounds us. One must still hold onto wishes but they need to be in reach.

Ok let’s see which card is the hidden influence or message as I like to call it. Adding all three cards the total is 22+10+16=48= #12 The Birds. More information comes in during the month of April. This could be the stats of the individual countries including those infected, recovered and those that did not make it. It can also be communication about good things. It can be idle chit chat like gossip. Traditionally, the Birds card did depict grief and if ever there was a time that meaning holds true it is now.

I feel an overwhelmed sense of grief. As an empath I tap into energy and emotions. Many of you know what I am talking about. Since the STARS card ends the layout don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a higher purpose to this current chain of events. This current chaos will have far-reaching consequences and that was not in the cards- that’s just common sense. If you would like to add your perspective on the cards please do so in the comments section.

To all reading this post please stay safe, follow guidelines to protect yourself, your family and your beloved friends and community. 

Part 2/3 will be the reading for May 2020.

4 thoughts on “APRIL 2020 forecast. Part 1/3

  1. Loved your reading, Seaqueen! I’m always on the lookout for your new posts so interesting and informational. Thank you.☺️.

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