Asking the Fairy Tale Lenormand about the weather.

I thought I would ask the Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt a question about the weather for the upcoming long weekend in Canada. This is the weekend most cottages are visited and daring campers venture to their favourite sites. It never fails but rain strikes usually all weekend or part of it.  Given the commute to one particular cottage will take nearly a four hours  I wondered if the weather would be decent enough. I don’t mind if it rains here and there but other people going do mind.  My question is pretty straight forward but will the answer be direct. I’m looking for a yes or no answer which I doubt I’ll get because my question is multi-layered. One level is sunny and the other level is a little rain.

Question: Will the weather be mainly sunny with little rain for the long weekend?

Do these cards reveal a yes or no answer?

The Heart and Letter cards combined suggests happy news. So, maybe just maybe the predicted weather forecast won’t be so bad.

The Crossroads/Path card depicts a pending decision. The number 2 is associated with the Path card. This could suggest a couple of days of sun instead of the entire weekend. The weather could be a mixture of rain and sun. 

The odd time I will add the three cards to see if there is a hidden clue or message. 24+27+22=73=10 Eekes the Scythe card. Well, this could indicate a sudden change in the weather and it could be colder than expected. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. My gut feeling is that the trip will be cancelled (Scythe) so we shall see.   

Excuse any typos because my icon for spell checker has vanished. 🙂 

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