What is a Cartomancy community?

Community: a bunch of people getting together at some venue either in person or on line with common interests. There is usually someone or several people that oversee a community or all hell could break loose when there are strong differing views on those common interests. Normally, such chaos doesn’t happen, however, in the cartomancy world it often does.

If you belong to the community for one reason or another and you participate in discussions your voice should be respected. If you are belligerent then you have no business being in the community/group. The intention of any discussion is to share or introduce ‘ideas’ that are in keeping with the common interests which is the reason for the community in the first place. One must not forget it is also a learning platform. Those that oversee such a community try to ensure that things do not get out of hand. 

For example: If I oversaw a crochet group and a member showed me an easier way to do a stitch that I was teaching I would not tell her it is unacceptable. The whole point of the crochet group is to learn a few stitches required in making a market bag. I merely provide a guideline to the basics of the stitch. Each member finds her way of doing it by practicing on a scrap piece of yarn. So the member suggesting an easier or different way is actually helping the group. They can take it or leave it. Maybe, this isn’t such a great example but it’s the only one I can think of right now. 🙂 Ok back to the cartomancy community….

We all learned from someone else because we did not create most of the systems. There are some exceptions to this. Those who have created unique card systems usually provide a guideline (LWB or accompanying book). Yes, it is best to follow the instructions at first but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and expand. Of course, you would want to share these ideas with your community. Even with traditional card systems there is always something new to learn. Think about it we have progressed meanings for this day and age. Belonging to a cartomancy community means that you are contributing to it in your own unique special way. You could be the person in the crochet group that doesn’t say boo the entire time but you are still learning.

One thing we all should remember is that a community should be a safe place to share without having to worry that someone will knock you down for voicing your opinions or thoughts as long as they are in keeping with the common interests of the group. 


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