Featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand in a 3-card layout

Today, I thought I would ask Ciro Marchetti‘s Gilded Reverie Lenormand a simple question which can be answered in a yes or no answer. I did a GT houses reading using this deck last night. My referral client wanted a couple of questions answered in various areas of her life so I only focused on those questions. For example: I located the Anchor card and read it accordingly. When it came to questions about her three children it was not as easy to pinpoint the cards.

I ended up asking the cards for additional information using a 3-card layout which I probably should have done right from the start. 🙂

As you know many times the yes or no answer is inconclusive so we study all three cards to determine the most likely outcome. I usually put more emphasis on the last card’s energy. There are many ways to read a 3-card layout.

Here we have the lovely Scythe card smack dab in the middle of the layout. The pointed part of the scythe face the Ring card and the blunt end of the scythe face the Moon card. Does it matter if the Moon card faces away from the Scythe card? Probably not but who knows it might. A lot depends on the deck you are using and a lot depends on your own personal technique of reading the cards. Do what feels right to you but remember just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is right. What I mean by that statement is the only way you can determine if it is right is if your client confirms that the prediction was right or if self-reading you go back and study the event to determine if you interpretation was correct.

You can know a card inside and out but when it comes to blending it will require adjustments through practice and experience. Ok, enough about that point. Moving right along to the reading at hand.   


Question: As many of you know I am closely following a situation involving someone’s health. My question is not so much about the details of this health condition but it is about over all improvement of a recent setback.

My direct question is will Mr.X improve enough to be warranted a release from the medical facility. I am looking for a simple yes or no but judging by the cards they are not giving me a straight yes or no. 

RING: Let’s begin with this card first. It is all about continuity and cycles and yes, it’s about a commitment. With the scythe pricking it I am not so sure that the continuity energy is in tact. To me, those two card indicate a break or fracture of energy.  In love/relationship question Scythe/Ring almost certainly forewarns of a breach of commitment. I’ll come back to this train of thought in a minute.

MOON: The opening card involves some sort of identification or something being brought to the foreground so it is recognized. This card also speaks about a cycle as in one month. There is much depth with the Moon card’s energy. With the Scythe card looming close by this condition is deeper than it appears on the surface. Mr. X’s emotions are in a state of trauma. Is he giving up?  This card is also about the night time. Whether or not that has anything to do with my question is uncertain at this time. 

SCYTHE: This card’s energy works two ways. It is a swift removal. It can be experienced in an alarming way which is usually painful on many levels. It can be experienced as a relief of some sort where a situation ceases to exist- a cleaning up of sorts.

I have studied the cards individually. I know why Mr. X was re-admitted to the medical facility so I have a bit of an advantage in reading the cards. If you have followed the background of Mr. X’s scenario you can probably figure out the 3-card reading as well if you have a good understanding of each card in relation to what’s going on now.

There are few other things I want to point out. With the Moon card it also involves ebb and flow within the body. Our body is made up of a high percentage of ➡ water. The Scythe card’s role in this is to remove liquids so that continuity (Ring) is resumed. There will be some success but not 100%. The reason I am saying this is because the pointed part of the scythe faces the Ring card.

When I asked this question about Mr. X, I was aware the reason for his visit was to help reduce the fluid build up he is experiencing at this current time. Asking about improvements meant will Mr. X get to the point that he no longer needs medical intervention and that he can go home within a short span of time.  Knowing all this and by studying the cards I feel that yes he will go home but will have to continue to monitor this build up. The Ring card is fractured from the Scythe card’s impact. This means he won’t be at 100% but pretty close and pretty close is as good as it will get. With the blunt end of the scythe facing the Moon card, the process he is undergoing right now is nudging the removal of the liquids from his body. The Scythe card’s role is to tidy things up even though it could cause some physical pain under the circumstances.

The other thing is the Scythe/Ring combo also means the commitment of staying in the medical facility is discontinued – that’s a good thing. It means he will be released. If we add the three cards to look for a hidden message we will find that (32+10+25=67=13/4) the Child card speaks of a new situation surrounding his home environment (House). This points to Mr. X’s delicate condition once he gets home. No doubt he will be weak as the Child card’s energy is not the strongest.

So, you see three cards can provide you with a wealth of information especially if you have some background to the question. I didn’t really define the positions in the 3-card layout but if I did the Moon card is why he was admitted to the medical facility. The Scythe card is all about what is going on now and the Ring card is what’s in the near future.

I don’t see a spell checker option so if you see any typos just ignore them. 🙂

Advertisements below my post are not in my control and I hope they are in good taste. 

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