Will I locate my original Robin Wood Tarot deck?

I asked Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition cards if I will locate my original Robin Wood Tarot deck. I decided on the mini Celtic Cross layout for this question.

The energy card around my question: The Birds (owls in the image). This could reflect the anxiety I’m feeling about misplacing one of my favourite Tarot decks. I do have a second deck but the original means more to me as I used it during a grieving process I went through when my parents died. This particular deck was my ‘grieving counsellor’.

The crossing card is the Bouquet which adds some hope. This card is a positive influence. Also, it tells me to look for gift wrapping. I like storing decks in fancy gift bags which I create or have on hand from other things.

The Anchor card sits in the foundation position of the layout. At first glance this tells me the deck is safe and secure. It could be near some paperwork like my journals.

The Bear card is transiting passing influence position. Does this card indicate money or things of value? Well, my collection is of great value to me. This card is telling me to lighten up and use less energy in worrying about the location of the deck. 

The crown position holds the Clouds card. This card is telling me I will encounter some mixed feelings about finding the deck. It is not a permanent influence – it will pass soon. The bright side of clouds in this particular Lenormand deck faces to the right reading it as the future. It could also mean the Robin Wood deck is in a dark place possibly covered by heaps of other stuff. 🙂 That wouldn’t surprise me because I was in the process a cataloguing everything into Home Library. 

The Tower card sit in the what is before me position or in another words pending future. This card should contain the answer to my question.  😦 It can be read as a card of separation. It can be read as finding the deck but not in the too near future.  It can suggest looking up high on shelving. It can be advising me to stop focusing on finding the deck and to maintain and indifferent approach. The Tower card has many things.

But, my question is direct. I want a yes or no answer. The Bouquet card is a strong positive influence so I will not give up hope on finding the deck. I think the deck is in a stand-alone location all by itself.  I don’t get a big fat YES 🙂 answer to my question but I do see a positive outcome. 

3 thoughts on “Will I locate my original Robin Wood Tarot deck?

  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    Long time we haven’t been in touch and I’m not sure you ever got the email I sent a couple or more years ago. [So using this as a way to contact you – apologies].
    I see that your site prospers with the years. I wanted to get in touch because there have been a number of major developments during the last few years, not least my book ‘A Guide to Rainring Cards’ which can be sampled at http://www.rainringcards.wordpress.com, and many You Tube videos (view under ‘Rainring Cards’)
    Commerce in Rainring Cards has come to a complete halt as I write, and I have no idea whether you have any inclination, among your myriad activities, to mention my existence and try to give things a nudge for me. Despite everything, I continue to believe in my cards and to work to develop them. I’ve decided right now that I need to start reaching out in all possible directions to try and make some waves, which is why I’m contacting you. By the way, please forgive me if I didn’t accept your invitation at some point to join something you were inviting me to participate in. I have as much as I can handle earning my living and trying to work on Rainring, I probably don’t have so many years left, and feel the need to concentrate on what I regard, rightly or wrongly, as my priorities.
    If you have no interest in having any further connection to Rainring, I would appreciate if you would let me know, as further attempts to make contact can’t be of benefit to either of us if that is the case.
    Regards and all the best
    Peter (Ryley)

    • Surprise surprise. Good to hear from you again Peter. I will email you privately at some point next week and we can discuss things further. In the meantime, could you please prepare a blurb on the cards with links so that I can offer it as a post on my blog. Seaqueen

  2. Hi Seaqueen,
    Oh good! probably need to be next weekend, as I have (alas) a day job! But WILL DO.
    Just one request: the PUBLIC email for Rainring is rainringcards@yahoo.co.uk. Would you be kind enough to remove my personal email from above and replace with the yahoo one? Thanks.
    Rainring blurb follows…

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