12- card Trigger layout asking about the future of a relationship

I have had several questions about the Trigger layout so I decided to feature another post using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand cards created by Ciro Marchetti. I hope you will find the post helpful.  🙂 

For today’s tutorial it is about a real life situation of a woman (Darlene) asking about the future of her relationship with her current man, Jeff. They have been seeing each other exclusively for six months. I did not pre-select the ‘YOU’ card. I shuffled, thought of the question on her behalf and laid the cards 4 across, second row 4 across and bottom row 4 across.

Her boyfriend fell into the YOU spot naturally. From this we know he is very much on her mind in fact she may be obsessing about him.

Trigger Row cards Bouquet+Man+Clouds+Tower

Jeff is looking back at the Bouquet card. It looks like he is thinking of another woman (Queen of Spades) and her influence will confuse (Clouds) him for several weeks. It could be he is thinking of an invitation as well. Maybe he received a gift recently. We will look at the details of this in the column cards. The ending Trigger card is the Tower suggesting it could take some time before this particular situation (Queen of Spades) is resolved. The solution is down the road. The question is how will this affect his relationship with Darlene if in fact it is another woman. This all could be quite innocent as well.  🙂

Tip: The initial Trigger row interpretation can be modified once you start reading the columns. Keep that in mind so you, as the reader, remains flexible in your analysis. And, at the same time everything can be applied because the cards have multi-level meanings alone and combined. 

Tip #2: As a rule I do not combine cards horizontally other than the Trigger row. If you get a real strong feeling about a combination side by side consider it. It stands out for a reason. If you get a vision or hear something follow through on that as well because each reader has their own ‘gifts’ of reading cards.  

Tip #3: The way a card faces should be considered as well, however, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t read directions then follow your own techniques. 

Past: Just how long into the past are these cards? Good question. I tend to use the same time frame as the Immediate column. If I assign one month then the Past column is one month. If it is days then the same is true. In our example, it is one month as seen in the image above. I was going to assign one year to the Soon column (last one) but given the feedback I have gotten over the years people want to know the near future like 3-6 months.


Here we have the strong suggestion that an invitation to travel had occurred in the recent past but it is not clear if it manifested since the Book card is concealing the outcome. (that’s one way to read this trio)

Now: Fox+Man+Birds

You can read the above and below cards as personality traits if you want. Jeff could be up to something and displaying signs of anxiety. The Birds card indicates conversations as well or something being brought out into the open.

Immediate: Sun+Clouds+Anchor   

There is happiness and security shown around the initial question. The passing influence of the Clouds will become more clear in the last column. At the very least the next 4-6 weeks should be without complications.  Issue’s around his job could arise as well but during this timeframe all should be ok.

Soon: Stork+Tower+Scythe

Trouble ahead. Changes are coming and some legal dilemmas. Anchor+Scythe really stands out and in my experience it means getting fired. We need to keep in mind what Darlene’s is asking because that is the intention of the reading. As far as the future of the relationship it will undergo some brutal changes. The Heart or Ring cards have not appeared in the layout. The Lady card is missing as well so Darlene will be in the background for sure like maybe way in the background. One thing to note also is the Stork can signify return of a lover as well.

Of course, I have not gone deeply into the interpretation but it should give you a pretty good idea how the Trigger layout ‘can’ be read.

So, what isn’t clear now and for several weeks will become crystal clear within 6 months. Not the most promising reading for a relationship. 😦

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  1. Hello, your link to lenormand card meanings 1-36 is password protected, could you please direct me as to how to access this. Many Thanks

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