What does the Trigger layout reveal?

Doing the 12-card Trigger layout can reveal a little about the passing influence, the current situation and what’s coming up in one & three months. You can set your own time frames for the last two columns especially if you are asking a specific question about a person or situation.

The YOU card (2nd card in 2nd row) can be pre-selected to reflect the topic in question. One of the significators can be chosen as well depending on your gender. You can also do a random shuffle and see what card falls in the YOU spot. This card will tell you what person or situation stands prominently in your current life.

The Trigger row is usually a summary of the entire reading. The columns reveal the process of this summary.

Often we don’t know what we should ask the cards but the cards know.

Titania’s Lenormand cards

In today’s reading both significators appeared. This doesn’t happen often. By the looks of the Trigger row STORK+SCYTHE+HOUSE+GENTLEMAN a very important situation is surrounding the woman (LADY) which involves her partner/someone special.

Trigger row: In the past, the Stork represent changes that have manifested which lead to a breaking (Scythe) of ties within the home (House) atmosphere involved her special someone (Gentleman).  

Past: These three cards are a tough combination. CROSS+STORK+MOUNTAIN

Simply put the woman of the reading experienced some monumental changes recently which placed an enormous burden on her.


The Tower card can be read as a separation and coupled with the Scythe card it certainly was a sudden development. The woman is hurting.


This combination could mean there will be an illness within the home. I’d like to read it as ‘illness’ of what ‘home’ means to many of us. The column doesn’t end badly. In fact, there could be some answers pending one way or another.


Things seem to stabilize somewhat around her partner and a more peaceful experience is awaiting the woman. Now, you could read Anchor + Gentleman as the man ‘working’ at their situation to find a less destructive outcome. He is a family man (House/Gentleman).  The changes (Stork) which occurred may have been brought on by someone returning from his past to finish off some ‘karma’ (Cross). 


Of course, many people feel threatened by the return of a former love not realizing that karma needs to be completed before things can move forward. It is also a good test of their current relationship- patience, understanding and forgiveness.

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