Don’t give up on becoming a Lenormand card reader. Today’s topic the Birds/Owl.

Mystical Lenormand by Urban Trosch . U.S. Games Systems (Jan 2006)

The Birds card brings all kinds of messages. For years I used grief  as one of the meanings but that was mostly in the near/far method. In the GT if adjoining cards suggest emotional upset the Birds card will point to anxiety & stress. In some cases it can be a profound sadness because of a person or situation. Have you ever been in the company of a person who just could not sit still or was forever talking about any and everything? They would come under the rulership of the Birds card. When the phone is ringing off the wall (for those of you that still have land lines 🙂 ) it is a Birds kind of day.

The last image in the post is a macramé  Snowy Owl I am creating. Much like reading cards when getting involved in projects one must understand the tools/techniques involved. The reason I mention this is because I haven’t macraméed  since the late 70’s. I had to read my old macramé  books to refresh my memory of how to tie the knots. Luckily I kept them.

When you set aside a deck of cards and basically forget about them it is a good idea to review what you learned originally. You will discover that you know much more either through practicing other cartomancy systems or from experience gained as a card reader.

What I learned was that even though I was an expert macraméer (if there is such a word, lol) I chose a project with no pattern. Sure there are many patterns for owls in my books and via google search but there was no pattern a giant snowy owl. My owl is a female. I watched a youtube vid on this particular owl to understand it. I knew how to macramé  but I did not know anything about this owl.  When you do a reading usually you do not know much about the person getting the reading. If you don’t ask questions to gain a little information on their background and why they want the reading you will be just a ‘cold’ card reader. If you are ok with that it’s no big deal.  

With the giant macramé owl project I had to relearn some knots because I had forgotten.  My hands/arms hurt at first because it was decades since I used them for that purpose. I became frustrated when I screwed up the knots. I was disappointed when I cut the cords too short and that happened since I was designing as well. I had to frog certain sections and start over.  When studying the cards after a long absence you could get frustrated or even get a headache because you are thinking to ‘hard’. You might have forgotten the meanings or the tips you learned. Trust me it will come back to you. Also, you should be much better at reading the cards. There is always a fresh perspective involved when a craft is revisited after being on the shelf for months, years or decades. 

The Birds card is all about communication. These days we have access to just about everything thanks to technology, how the latter will never take the place of card reader (IMHO).  We can tap into ‘something’ the Internet cannot.  🙂 

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