Fin de Siècle Kipper cards in 15 card English layout. Part 1/2

I was leafing through Marthy Jones’ little black book on cartomancy which I used frequently in the 1980’s. I am always amused by my own handwritten notes in these earlier books.  The 15 card English layout was probably one of my top 5 layouts to use over the years. I think this is the second layout I learned with a standard deck of cards when I was about 14 years old.

I had the Fin de Siècle Kipper cards (Ciro Marchetti) on top of the fridge from the last reading so I thought sure why not try it out.  Let’s see how well this deck functions within the 15 card layout. You can purchase this deck from US Games Systems,Inc.

Mark Mullins/Jerome VanDyke.  English layout pdf download available @

Marthy’s was a slighty different version of the English layout. The sequence of cards laid out is identical and most wings of the layout have similar meanings. I will include the meanings which are posted at Magic Mountain website (Mark Mullins/Jerome VanDyke). The link is under the above image. There are several layouts available as pdf downloads in a study sheet format. Thanks guys.

I removed the 3 additional cards in this deck for the purpose of illustrating the traditional English ‘spread’ and maintaining the traditional 36 cards in the Kipperkarten. No big deal.  🙂

CENTER CARDS:   Wealthy Man, Child, Main Female.

Card #1 is the Child. This card was placed on the table first and the #18 on the card is it’s numerical sequence in the Kipper system. I will briefly share my findings with all the cards but focus more on these three cards as they bring to surface the essence of the reading.

The Child reveals where you are at the time of shuffle. This card could be representing children but not in this case. It is more about the person’s ‘Inner Child’.  It is about a situation which is new or under development. It can be the person’s immature attitude in general which is not a bad thing. 

Card #2 the Wealthy Man would provide help or assistance to the person or situation.  This card tends to bring good news if it is not near the False person card. One thing to note is that the lower left-wing cards 14, 10 and 6 (COFFIN, UNEXPECTED INCOME, MATURE WOMAN) will represent what is out of the client’s control. I like to read this as the past or foundation of the reading. The cards in the left-wing are read to the left as in card 6 and card 7 are read first and so on. The right wings are opposite. More on that in Part 2/2. 

Card #3 is the Main Female. This card represents the client. She falls in the what’s blocking you spot.  So, she is blocking herself in some way about this situation or direction in her life.  If you look above the Main Female you will see the Despair card sitting on top of her in the upper right-wing of the layout.  The Despair card opens the path/road she will probably take. She does have a choice and it is depicted in the upper left-wing beginning with the Mature Man. 

At this point the upper wings are studied carefully especially the final cards. In the upper left-wing the Message card ends the fan and in the upper right-wing the Family Room card ends the wing. 

The client’s partner has appeared in the layout. He is in the lower right-wing. The Main Male is under the control of the client. In other words, she has a choice or decision which can be made about him. If the clients sees troubling cards around him she may want to consider the upper left-wing to assist her in decision-making. 

So far, we know the female is not facing things in her current life from a mature point of view. She could also be worried about children in general.

Funny, how there are so many people cards in this layout as this couple is very private and not that socially active.  I think these cards represent experiences and aspects of themselves. 

More in Part 2/2.

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