Lenormand Cross and Mouse duo in Zodiac House 1 layout

For those of you that have some familiarity with the Zodiac layout you will know that House 1 rules the person’s outer personality. Cards falling in this spot will reveal can reveal early childhood since it does rule beginnings.  I usually read this House as an indicator of what energy is surrounding the person at the time of shuffle. It tells me a lot about the person’s physical condition which is affected by their state of mind and emotions.  I don’t diagnose the physical condition I study the energy surrounding them.

Many times a client is worried about someone or some situation. This will show up in House 1. In some cases the Significator card will fall here. If it is the client’s Significator then this will tell you they are very focused or experiencing the other card falling with it.  If it the other person’s Significator then that person is a preoccupation for some reason and you would look to House 5 and 7 for more details.

In today’s post I will talk about House 1.  The two cards in the image are part of the full  “real life” Zodiac layout. I may write about the cards falling in the other Houses in further posts as the totality of the layout is vital to a complete reading. 

CROSS + MOUSE. Featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand. BTW Ciro is offering many mini decks (wish list 🙂 ). How cool is that!

I knew right away the woman was coping (cross) with some situation that was eating away at her (mouse). Her current life was certainly a burden and not to her liking. She wanted to make major changes but was not in a good financial position to do so.  Basically, she had settled for her current lifestyle.

What I saw within the Mouse card was the lessening effect of the Cross card’s meanings.  I felt her burden would be lifted or minimized.  The Mouse card eats away at the card to the left of it. That means all the meanings of the Cross card are less intense.  I only drew 2 cards for each House instead of 3 cards. Since I had a central card (Bouquet) I tied it in with that. I did the same process with all the other Houses because the Bouquet card was the ruling energy for the duration of the reading. The time frame was set at the time of shuffle for 6-8 months.

Also, I viewed the Cross card as a testing period which emphasized what was bugging her.  If you take the meaning of beginnings then you could read this as her past foundation in her current lifestyle was out of hardships. This makes perfect sense as well because many times people try to keep a depleted situation together because change is not an option for one or the other person.  

The remainder of the Zodiac layout was very interesting and showed much improvements coming her way.  Always leave the client on a high filled with hope no matter how challenging things appear.


2 thoughts on “Lenormand Cross and Mouse duo in Zodiac House 1 layout

  1. Hello Seaqueen I love the work you do with the Zodiac houses, it’s a treasure trove of informations and although in European countries it’s a very popular system, it’s very rarely used or spoken of in the English speaking card reading community. As far as I know you are probably the only one who does it. I’m always on the lookout for your articles and can’t wait for the next one on the subject. Thank you for your dedication in teaching us.

    • Hi Annie,
      Thanks for your comment and compliment. I really like this layout. I find it comprehensive insofar as the amount of information gained with the cards and with the Houses of the Zodiac layout. It would be similar to planets transiting Houses. The planet can trigger events or situations one has to deal with mostly on a short term basis. The cards do the same (IMHO). I hope to post a few more Houses in this reading especially House three as it contains the Clouds/Scythe duo. There are several ways to read this combination and falling in House three many areas of life can be covered since this House rules many things like siblings, communication, short distance travel and so on. Seaqueen

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