Reading the Vintage Lenormand in a 5 card layout

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine (J) earlier today. She was interested in going on a road trip to visit her sister. The sister is having some serious difficulties in her relationship at the current time. J thought by visiting she could help in some way. She’s really undecided because she could be walking into a chaotic atmosphere. Her sister reassured her all will be fine but given the circumstances of the major strain in the marriage J is apprehensive.

Question: Will J be well received by her brother-in-law? 

The deck featured in the image below is the Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver. The 5 card layout can be read left to right or you can use the middle card as the focus of the question. The middle card would reveal the energy around the question posed and not necessarily the answer which is typically found in the remaining two cards.


The Clover card presents a short-term influence surrounding a new situation (Child) around her sister. This new situation is unhealthy (Mouse eats away at the card preceding it) and causing much worry. The Anchor does show some stability that the situation will remain the same. The Cross card does depict suffering. It also reveals that it would be a burden to my acquaintance if she visits them.

➡ The energy of the Clover card could be equated to neither good or bad (positive or negative), but it is generally good and brief. It can be swayed or persuaded to take on the energy of a stronger card. You need to remember though that it is a passing influence – here today gone tomorrow. It brings a rapid influence that is not long-lasting. 

➡ The Child card can represent children. There is a un-awareness associated with this cards. It’s something new. It can be a beginning. Many times it is an immature approach to situations. Often it just means playing around. The Child card is needy.

➡ The Mouse card is usually considered a negative influence. It shows a reduction, decrease or loss. Loss comes in many ways through deceit, theft, neglect and depreciation. The card hints at a slow process. A few keywords: unhealthy, disorders, swindles, bribes, displeasure, anguish, erosion, destruction, downsizing.

Will the brother-in-law welcome her?  I think he will try to pretend that all is secure (Anchor), however,  J will feel the tension (Cross). She might regret going there (Cross) because she’ll be stuck (Anchor) in a situation that will be eroding beneath the surface (Mouse).

When interpreting the Anchor card and the meaning of work is not applicable it can indicate some sort of security. It does represent one’s work. It can provide some “grounding” to a situation. 

➡ The Cross has very powerful energy and it is less likely to be influenced by other cards in the deck.  This card will do the influencing because it is a master card. In the layout – falling at the end of a row or column of cards, or end of the spread the Cross will bring closure.  It is advisable not to push your ego driven desires beyond that.  Be patient and wait it out.  Avoid risks and stay put. 

I added all the cards together to find out the hidden advice of the layout.  109=10 Scythe

➡ The Scythe card can produce startling results which in most cases are not pleasant. It hurts us emotionally or pricks us out of complacency. The influence is usually unexpected although. At times you know the person needs to be removed from your life or a situation is no longer healthy.

There you have it. The brother-in-law would prefer to cut ties (Scythe) with J.  I would advise J to think carefully before she decides to visit this couple.

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