Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver in 3×3 layout

I had a question posed to me by a concerned mother. Her 22-year-old son, Trevor (single) wants to take a trip to Europe within 6 months to see a buddy of his. His grandpa left him some money to further his education but he wants to travel instead. There is no need to do a 36 GT layout for a singular question unless you want to offer additional information.

I decided to do the block of 9 or 3 x 3 layout.  In the image, you will see that I have identified the top row as PAST, middle row as NOW and the bottom row as 3-6 MONTHS. You can read these cards any way you want. You can read the columns, rows, diagonals and/or corners. For the purpose of today’s post, I will read only the rows using the middle card as a focus card. The focus card usually represents the topic of the reading. It can reveal a situation, person or influence. 


Question: Will Trevor travel to Europe within 6 months in 2017?

We are looking for a yes or no answer and since we have 9 cards they will tell us a story about what lead up to the question (PAST), the current (NOW) experience surrounding the question and the most likely outcome or answer to the question (3-6 MONTHS).

PAST: Stars. Moon. Fox

Is Trevor wanting to go to Europe for the wrong reasons? Could it be wrong timing to plan this trip? The FOX card could indicate he is fooling himself. The Stars card speaks of awareness and recognition. The Moon involves his emotions as well as creativity. I have found the Moon card to represent the mother as well. There are other meanings but I’ll use these for now. The Fox card could represent an opportunity for work.  Since the two accompanying cards to the Fox card are not negative in nature, this card can also mean Trevor thinks this trip is a good idea and part of some over all plan he has for himself. 

Note that the Fox card sits on the Scythe card luckily the pointed part of the scythe is pointed downwards (Clouds card) in this deck. This could mean a rude awakening is on its way about something in the NOW row. 

NOW: Anchor. Book (focus card), Scythe

The Anchor card is popular as a work card. The Book card suggests Trevor needs more information or needs to find out all the ins and outs of the trip to Europe. The Book card could describe what he does for a living. Since the Scythe card ends this row I think Trevor will discover additional information quite unexpectedly. 

He could even change his mind about the entire notion of travelling to Europe. More will be revealed in the bottom row. Maybe the temptation (Moon/Fox) is unrealistic. 

3-6 MONTHS: Ring. Dog. Clouds (dark side facing to the right)

The Ring card does represent commitment. It also suggests a bonding. Since the Dog card is next then maybe what he doesn’t know (Book) is that his friend might be going through some problems.  This row ends in the Clouds card which is not the best card for a positive or affirmative answer. The dark side of the clouds face away from the Dog card indicating some disturbances will arise but nothing of a permanent nature. 

Based on the cards, I do not see a trip to Europe to visit his buddy. What do you think?

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