The Deck of Cards. 1979. Alan Driscoll

The other day I was looking for crafting supplies and spotted this outstanding deck by Alan Driscoll. I made sure I counted all the cards as there are usually some missing in a second-hand store. I would have bought them anyways but luckily all 52 were there plus 2 jokers. There was a tiny rip on one card but that didn’t bother me either. I can mend that seamlessly.

After doing some research on The Deck of Cards I realized I just might have all 54 cards. At first I thought there were 56 cards for some reason. I think it is because there were two other artists involved in the design of box thus 56 artists. I checked the list of contributors card which was included in the box. Looks like it sure was a lucky find of a 38-year-old full deck of cards which are in mint condition except for the 2♣ that has a tiny tear on the top of the card.  I found some information —> click here.  

In the images below I have identified some of the cards with the corresponding artist. Love this deck. There is a very powerful energy when you look at all the cards on the table. 


Double ended Joker: Anthony Green 10 ♣: Artist: Maggi Hambling 5 ♣: Artist: Bert Kitchen JACK : Artist: Peter Schmidt KING ♠: Artist: Patrick Proctor


KING ♣: Artist: Cecil Collins 7 : Artist: Alan Davie 4 ♠: Artist: Anthony Benjamin QUEEN : Artist: Philip Sutton


Ace : Artist: Adrian Heath JACK : Artist: Peter Kinley 9 ♠: Artist: Terry Frost Ace ♣ fire: Artist: Jack Smith

Here’s some more cards. Aren’t they amazing! Imagine, each card embodies the artist’s concept of the individual card. Do I detect a little fortune-telling in some of the images? Love the Queen ♠.

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