After Tarot cards in the short Romany layout

Every once in a while I will purchase a new Tarot deck which captures my curiosity. The images in the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner and Giulia Francesca Massaglia beckoned me. I want to get right into doing a reading so for those of you who wish to read a review of this deck ➡  click here 

Being a fan of Pietro Alligo’s  ➡ posts on the Tarot of the New Vision cards  I knew I would enjoy playing with the After Tarot deck. To demonstrate a reading I am going to use both decks. The question is which layout. There are no layout examples in the Afterthoughts accompanying book. Corrine Kenner’s write-up on the cards supplies you with many interesting suggestions on how to read this deck. Of course, you will arrive at your own intuitive associations with the images as well. Try not to be too rigid in your approach to the After Tarot deck. So, for a moment just forget what you learned about the Tarot and remain open to Corrine’s suggestions. You can always fall back on what you have learned in the past.  

Ok, time to pick a layout.  I would really like to do the Romany layout for some reason but not with 21 cards.  Since each Tarot card is a unique experience unto itself maybe 7 cards would work in the predetermined positions.  

For instructions on how to do the Romany layoutclick here post from 2007.

I have created the Romany layout for 7 cards


First thing I did since this is a new deck I cleared it with my evil eye pendant. I don’t imagine anyone put negatives thoughts into the cards 🙂 but you never know who handled the packaging, lol. 


You can clear the deck whatever ways suits you or you don’t have to. I have shuffled the card thoroughly so that they are mixed. I lay the cards in 7 piles (1 card more in first pile) and then pick up the piles randomly so that I have one pile. I keep shuffling. I cut the cards in 3 piles to the left using my left hand (closest to the heart) and back onto 1 pile. Then I proceed by placing with the top card (which should be face down) and place it in position 1, continue with second card and so on until I have 7 cards in a row. Easy enough.

The above chart is a reminder of what each position represents. If you did the 21 card Romany layout you would add another 2 rows. I may do that at another time.

I love David Bowie. Golden Years is playing on the radio right now. How appropriate.

The reading below is for myself. My write up will be as if I was reading another client. This way I remain more objective. I was surprised to see all the Majors show up in the layout. This tells me the reading will be deeper and won’t deal with everyday issues.

Question: What is the advice of the cards for the Fire Monkey Rooster year?


Position 1: Describes you. What surrounds you at the time of the reading. TEMPERANCE

Note: In the Afterthoughts book Corrine has grouped the Temperance card with the Hierophant and the 5’s. This theme is throughout the book.

The energy of the Temperance card suggests the client is in the process of balancing extremes in her life. Moderation is important in her life. She is learning all about compromise.

Position 2: The Environment. Expands on the circumstances of the question. EMPEROR

The client’s environment is going through a restructuring. This theme will be in effect throughout the Fire Monkey year because that is the question.  This card is about being charge or control. She is wanting to be more organized. This couldn’t be more true. 🙂

Position 3: Opportunities or Challenges. DEATH

The Death cards falls under the number 4 as does the Emperor card. I would read this card as both opportunities and challenges.  There is an opportunity in finishing up loose ends but at the same time it is a challenge because endings tend to hurt in some cases. To open new doors old doors need to be shut. This year will test the client to see just how balanced she is in the midst of external forces being out of her control.  It is important to maintain the balance of the Temperance card in order to experience transitions with the least amount of emotional extremes.

This will play out in various ways and as much as we co-create our reality there is one force that overrules everything. Call it fate, destiny or your soul chart.

Position 4: Expected. The Now. These cards expand on your hopes & fears. FOOL

So what’s going on with the client at the current time. This position might resemble position 1 but it is different. It’s about outer situations which can trigger her hopes and fears about the path she is on.

In the image of the card, the Fool is hanging onto the edge of the crag by one hand. A risk will be taken. The Fool has lost his satchel of tools and continues to smell the white rose. This tells me the client is confident in her own abilities and yet at the same time is afraid to let go. She has enough experience to embrace new beginnings but is not 100% ready.

Position 5: Surprise. The cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved. HERMIT

The green snake and black guardian dog  have been added in the image of the card. There is an explanation on these two in the Afterthoughts book. My own feeling on this is that the client will look deeply within and discover things she may have not wanted to deal with. There could be a painful realization when she is faced with circumstances outside of herself which will reflect what she discovers.

Position 6: Near future. Up to 3 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. HANGED MAN

Is the Hanged Man thirsty? A woman is giving him something to drink to numb his pain of perspective. Is the client the woman or the hanging man? This card’s energy is active for the next three months or so. I’ve always this card as a change in the way you look at a situation. When you stand on your head (which I can’t without falling over, lol) you experience a rush which can affect how you look at things.

Will the client have to deal with a situation that will test her outlook on life?

Position 7: Distant future. 6 – 9 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. In this case it would be 1 year since I’m asking about the Fire Monkey Rooster year which began January 28th. STRENGTH

I like the image in this card. The woman is embracing the lion (her own emotions). The client will definitely be more patient and be in control of her emotions. The lion’s mouth does not need to be shut it already is in the image. Actually, it looks like it’s loving the hug from the woman. I am pretty sure the client will overcome any challenges presented in the next year. It looks like she will be doing a lot of inner work and in turn her outer world will reflect these changes.

If you were to do the 21 card layout then each column would have a past, present and future. It would be quite a complex reading but worth doing if you want more information. 


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    • LOL. Yes, it is Rooster. Thanks for pointing out the typo well actually I was thinking of someone who is a Monkey connected to the reading. I’ve corrected it. Thanks again.

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