Popular Romany layout

The Romany Layout.
This method is one of the oldest methods of laying cards. Historically link to the Gypsy of yesteryear.
I use this layout often when I don’t want to do a full 36 board with the Lenormand or Sibilla type cards.
I have used the sacred Tarot as well and found that the reading was quite in depth and took longer to synthesize.
21 cards is a little easier to handle when you link the combinations in each line and staff.

The Romany Gypsy Layout is one of the oldest methods of Reading cards.

Columns (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

1—2—-3—-4—5—-6—7 (past)

8—9—10—11–12—13–14 (current)

15–16–17–18—19—20–21 (future/outcome)

Staff 1, 8, 15 : The Seeker of the cards- describes you and what surrounds you at the time of the reading.




Staff 2, 9, 16: The environment- expands on the circumstances of the question if one is asked, if not, will bring to focus what is significant. Love, money, relationships, business, travel etc.




Staff 3, 10, 17: Opportunities & Challenges- here you will find supporting or adverse cards linked to the question or theme of the reading.




Staff 4, 11, 18: Expected. The Now- these cards will expand on your hopes & fears.




Staff 5, 12, 19: Surprise- the cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved.




Staff 6, 13, 20: Near future- approximately 3 months.




Staff 7, 14, 21: Distant future- generally 6-9 months which is a common timeframe.




For example: reading the Column #7 of Distant Future

Card 6 is the past

Card 13 is the current

Card 20 is the future/outcome

All situations have 3 stages usually. Even though it is the Distant Future, there will be a link with the past -to establish the situation. Then it becomes current. The outcome is the future.

In summary: The probable situation that will occur in the distant future within a 3 months span could very well have aspects of cards 1-5 within it, to some degree. If this Column is taken as a stand alone and card 6 is a card depicting one situation OR person, then the current & future/outcome of the column will only show you the results of that. After careful study of the cards you will be able to determine how to blend everything so that it makes sense. Sometimes all 21 cards will deal with 1 question or problem.

2 thoughts on “Popular Romany layout

  1. very interesting.. was trying to read cards by myself but the sheer expanse has begun to rattle me 🙂 anyway wil keep experimenting just on me!!! one thing tho’ am going thru’ different crisis wonder if some1 cld really show me the way!

  2. Hello. There are many layouts to try that are less involved. A simple 3 card draw. You can assign the meanings of the positions before you choose the cards- then it becomes more personal.
    For example in other systems of card divination: the beautiful Symbolon deck, the layout in the book states. Position 1-the situation or problem.
    Position 2-the way thru the problem
    Position 3-as the outcome or result.
    The Pages of Shustah cards has almost the identical layout for the 3 card draw in the Manser/North companion book.
    I think that all the answers are within us which leads us to people and places that will help us to understand or solve issues we have OR reinforce our challenges.

    To put it more simply – others can “show” you the way BUT ultimately you (me, everyone)need to find the comfort level of understanding.

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