Block of 9 (3×3 GT) – Clair de Lune Lenormand

In today’s reading I have removed the LADY #29 card and placed her in the center of the 3×3 layout. The reason for this is because we want to see what’s going on with her (Angela). Plus, we want to see if she will gain additional information surrounding her original question/concern posed to the 5 card layout. Background: Angela has received some disturbing news about a potential health setback. 

Question: Tell me more about the recent health findings. 

How does one read the 3×3 GT (which I call block of 9)? I can provide some guidance on one way. This way is not set in stone. I tend to read left to right. This means the cards in the last column and bottom row would be the end (result) of the three card sentence/statement. The WOMAN/LADY card is the hub of the reading. We could have just as easily shuffled the cards and laid them out without pulling the WOMAN card out of the deck. That way the middle card would have been the hub of the reading.


  • Mountain Woman Dog– I read the middle column first. Here you will see what is weighing down on Angela.  A large heavy mountain sits on her shoulders. To find out what this situation is all about you would read the top row. I want to read the Dog’s energy as upcoming support.
  • Tower Mountain Clouds- These three cards should describe the Mountain situation. Notice the height in both the Tower and Mountain cards. This could be a building like a hospital. It could also be a feeling of loneliness with the Mountain situation. This makes sense since she is worrying about this new situation (health findings). The last card shows troubles coming up. It will be difficult for Angela to overcome this Mountain situation as it was heading into the dark side of the Clouds. One needs to remember that the top row is a passing influence, however, the very last card will still be experienced in the last column (future). The Clouds influence is not permanent. It passes but it is a time of great uncertainty.  Let’s read the top diagonal next.
  • Tower Woman Boat – We have established what the Tower card means to a certain degree. With the Ship/Boat card ending this trio it shows progress or movement of a situation more than likely the Mountain one since that is on her mind. Whatever the news is that Angela received about her health another situation (development) awaits her.  Next, the middle row. 
  • Anchor Woman Fish– I want to read anchor as a secure situation. It can be taken as one’s work but Angela is retired. If we take it one step further the work could involve the health concern. The Anchor is a card of stability which is good but at the same time it could indicate a stable condition which means something is obviously there (health finding). The row ends in the Fish influence which really doesn’t have anything to do with money in this case unless Ann is determined (Anchor) to get her finances (Fish) in order. I really want to read this card as the King ‘s influence.  Next, the first column.
  • Tower Anchor Rider- this column would be the recent past. These cards show a situation involving a hospital although the Tree card is not nearby. (Remember, we already did the 5 card reading and Angela posed a question regarding her health.) Since the column ends with the Rider there was news heading towards Angela. Something was found (Anchor). The Mountain totals up the news- a big worry. Lets read the bottom diagonal. 
  • Rider Woman Clouds– Notice the horse and woman facing towards each other. She has received this message and right now has her back on the Clouds card. She’s in the dark. Ann’s thoughts are unclear because she does not know anything about the news (detailed specifics) she received. She needs a follow up test. Let’s look at the bottom row.
  • Rider Dog Boat- the bottom cards are fairly strong with the Dog sitting in the middle. Help is on it’s way via support (Dog) and further assessments (Boat).  And lastly, the final column which is very important in my view.
  • Clouds Fish Boat – the uncertainty involving Angela’s disturbing news will be cleared up. The Fish influences shows focus and the Ship shows a fairly good outcome. Ship is a card of success and there are no negative cards touching it. I think Angela’s Mountain card influence will be surpassed.

Note: Ok, now that  I have dissected this reading which is really what you do when everything is taken apart. It would have probably been more helpful if I uploaded an audio (next time) of this reading. When you write you can’t skip back and forth that easily without making it all sound confusing.

So, what is the bottom line of this reading? I think the disturbing news Angela received will not be a bad as she thinks. Once follow up appointments and tests have been done the Clouds influence will no longer obscure her situation. The last column ends well.

If and when I get an update I will post it at the beginning of this post.

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