Asking Symbolon about sibling estrangement.

Sometimes you have a question which does not require a yes or no answer which is the most common type of question. Sometimes you want to know why a situation is the way it is. I chose the Symbolon deck © 1994 to illustrate this type of reading.  The Symbolon deck © is available from ➡  AGMuller. Other posts on the Symbon ➡ click here.

Background: A brother and sister who had a close bond became estranged over the last few years. The sister has made numerous attempts to continue communications with her brother. She does not know why they became estranged. They did not have an argument. He just stopped all communication. 

Question: Why won’t the brother talk to the sister?


THE PROBLEM: Pythia: page 98 of original LWB

What a powerful message for the sister. Her problem appears to be a self-imposed trap. She might be imagining her brother has ceased all communication. Perhaps her email attempts were not taken to be friendly. Her brother may have detected a certain tone he did not like. Was her wording strong? Was it accusatory? Was it confrontational? Was it angry?  Only she can answer these questions.

Did the sister create this estrangement via her thoughts? She is very powerful spiritual woman and knows thoughts create reality. Let’s see how she can work through this situation.

THE WAY THROUGH THE PROBLEM: Sleeping Beauty Slumber: page 46

The sister needs to wake up and smell the roses. There is no use in grieving any longer. If she doesn’t let go of this concept of estrangement it will never be resolved. And yes, at times we have to accept endings and move on but always embrace new opportunities.

Why is the sister waiting for her brother to talk to her?  This entire situation could all be an illusion. She needs to let it go and change her attitude.  Let’s see if the Symbolon answers the original question.

THE OUTCOME: Ego: page 28

Is this card about the brother or the sister? Sounds like they both have ‘ego’ issues.  As an outcome card, the suggestion is that the sister should just go ahead and live her life.

This card is about expressing oneself. Maybe the brother feels so much but is unable to discuss things with his sister. At this point we do not know their history. What did they share prior to this current state of non communication. Maybe the brother is in profound pain and cannot talk to his sister for fear that ‘old wounds’ may open up.

When he is ready to return to himself the communications may open up.

Addendum: I forgot to mention that the Ego card also represents the father. This could be the root of the brother’s reason for the lack of communication. Making amends or regaining peace of mind where the father is involved may be very helpful.

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