SOS Kipper layout by Susanne Zitzi

On page 80 of the Fin de Siécle Kipper fortune telling deck LWB you will find the SOS layout created by Susanne Zitzi. Susanne (SZ) is one of three ladies that offers individual meanings for the Kipper cards. The other two contributors in the LWB are Fortune Buchholtz (FB) and Stella Waldvogel (SW). Of course, Ciro Marchetti (CM) shares his insights as well.

This 8 card layout has assigned meanings for each of the positions. I happen to like these types of layouts. Below is an E-reading for a married 45 year old woman. She is worried about her husband’s medical condition. Marie’s question is simple. She is in need of some guidance to help her understand the circumstances which surround both of them. 


  1. Starting Situation: Community- This is a card of support via all those people Marie considers as part of her community. She is reaching out. The card reading is part of this community and is a support system on another level.
  2. Fact: Main Man- This position reveals the real situation. Well, it couldn’t be more right on. The situation is around Marie’s husband and the unpleasant fact of his illness.
  3. Illusion: Judication (aka court person)This position can reveal mistakes or one’s imagination about aspects of the question. This card is a tough one to read in this position.  I guess I want to read this as not accepting a decision or information as final. If it is an Illusion then perhaps Marie should remember what those in authority are telling her husband and leave it at that. She should not imagine all kinds of things of other things which are probably fear induced.
  4. Opportunities: False Person- How can one have an opportunity via deceit? This card requires a bit more study. The message is not that obvious. The only way this card is an opportunity if Marie is aware that she should not trust any and everyone. All information is not necessarily the truth of the husband’s condition. Marie should remove the fan from her face and reveal to her husband how she really feels. Is Marie lying to herself?
  5. What you should forget: Message- This makes lots of sense. The information surrounding the husband’s medical condition is not set in stone. Marie should not dwell on it.
  6. This is helpful now: Mature Man- Taking a more responsible attitude is necessary at this time. There could be an experienced man who will offer some assistance. This could be a significant male who is in the background. Maybe the husband is already talking to a someone who has gone through this type of medical condition. Since this is Marie’s reading I’d like to read Mature Man as her father or some other prominent male relative she can lean on for support.
  7. This is not helpful now: Occupation- Here is a clear message that Marie should ease up with her chores. She should not spend so much time working on other things. She should use that energy to assist her husband and provide emotional support. By keeping so busy Marie is not available to him. She will have to prioritize her duties.
  8. Final Result: Journey- This position has a time frame of four weeks or so but it depends on other factors. Going away on a trip is always a good thing. I don’t think this card represents actual travel in this case although it does point to a getaway. In order for Marie to understand what is going on she needs to move forward and embrace the future. The future will come no matter what. Marie needs to prepare for the journey she and her husband will share. There were no real negative cards in this reading to indicate a serious progression of the husband’s medical condition. 

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