The Antique French Lenormand deck. #9 Bouquet card.

According to my research, the Antique French Lenormand deck was published (printed by unknown in France) in 1845 about two years after Madame Lenormand died.

In this deck, the Bouquet card depicts a lovely bouquet of flowers. In the background there is what looks like a cherub. There are various flowers in this bouquet and quite possibly herbs. The card is defined as Bouquet /Blumenstraufs /Nosegay. The somber looking woman on the top of the card has the ♠ symbol on the left side near her head. It doesn’t say she is the Queen ♠ but it is clear she is a spade woman. Her hair is long and looks rather unkept. With her left hand she holds her bosom. There are other minor details.

So what’s a Nosegay? It is a “talking bouquet” or “flower poesy” and was becoming popular in the 1800’s as gift giving. Tussie mussies as they were sometimes called as well were arranged in a cornucopia-shaped container which can be seen in the image on each side of the center bouquet. 

Each flower of the bouquet has a specific message from the sender to the recipient. The flowers talk to you. The meanings of the types of flowers and colours in the bouquet hasn’t changed all that much. I can make out some of the flowers in the 1845 version of the Bouquet card but not all of them. Throughout the generations flowers have always been sent to deliver an unspoken but felt message. Sometimes the flowers are sent as an apology, lol.

I remember one year I received one dozen yellow roses from a man. I should have been happy about it but I wasn’t. I knew right away that he was chasing someone else’s skirt. The yellow roses told me so, lol. 

When we read the Bouquet card we often associate it with gifts and fondness. It has a pleasant and soothing energy. It can bring a nice aroma after a sour experience. Listen carefully to the voice of the Bouquet flower. It is telling you something about the cards next to it. Keep a stiff upper lip like the Queen ♠ when situations call for strength.

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