Kipperkarten cards 1- 6 with Lenormand/Ziguener similarities

The information below has been in a draft post for quite some time so today I thought I would share the first six cards. The similarities between the Lenormand deck or any one of the other Sibilla style decks like the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten show their common language. Each system varies depending on location in Europe/year of creation. The bottom line is you read them as a family unit to arrive at an answer. Some have more people cards, some have more love cards and some have more betrayal cards.

Please note that my image descriptions below are based on the original deck. The beautiful Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trosch will vary in imagery but doesn’t stray from the original idea of what the card means.

No 1 “main male” is equated to No 28 Gentleman in Lenormand. Both of these cards represent the male person getting the reading or your significant other. The Zigeuner Lover card joins this group.

When you look at this card you see a long-haired bearded man facing to the left. He has a rounded build and appears quite content. He sports a greenish suit. 

No 2 “main female” is the same as No 29 Lady in Lenormand. It is the woman getting the reading or the significant other. The Sweetheart in the Zigeuner joins this group as well.

She is nicely seated in the image and faces to the right of the card. It appears the little table is holding her up. She doesn’t appear as content as her main man. She holds a flower in her left hand and is dressed in conservative style clothing. 

No # 3 card’s meaning translates to “earliest and map” or “conditions of marriage”. This card is about relationships and friendships. This card can signify family. When you see this card in a reading it lends a bridge to a problem. It reveals conditions or the state of something or someone.  I don’t see any Lenormand or Zigeuner cards that are close in meaning as stand alone but if you combine with other cards you could come up with the meaning of this card.

The image shows a couple standing together engaged in conversation. She appears to be with child or she’s pleasantly plump although I think given the name of this card it could be the couple is expecting a child. They are in love. 

Card No 4- “the meeting”. The meaning of this card is involvements, meetings and appointments. It reflects both romance and business. There may be many people involved – a group conference, family get together or an outing at a theater. The Lenormand Garden #20 is close in comparison. The Zigeuner Merriment card is loosely connected to this group.

The image shows a man and woman seated on a couch. It appears as though he is wooing her as he holds her hand. He appears to be a bit of a rascal, :), and she is very shy about the whole thing. Cupid in the painting above them is trying to do his magic. 

Card No 5 “good gentleman” The suggested meaning of this card is experience. It can represent a trusting male member of the family. In some cases, it is a supervisor who is fond of the person getting the reading. He would be attached or married. The Lenormand Lily #30 is similar to this card. The Zigeuner Widower insofar as loyalty and trust, however, he is without a living partner (for now).

In the image there is a well dressed mature looking man. He appears to be very kind and will have your best interests at heart. Trust.

Card No 6 ” property lady”. The traditional suggestion of this card is wise older woman, someone who has lived life. It can represent a female member of the family. She can also be a manager or leader in her field. She too would be attached and most certainly the boss lady. There is a link with certain combinations of the Lenormand Moon #32. Also, with #9 Bouquet’s Queen of Spades. As far as the Zigeuner association I think this card reminds me of the experienced home owner female in the Visit card.

In the image you can see a full-grown woman holding a rose in her right hand. She looks as though she is pondering something as her left elbow rests on the table. She doesn’t appear to be older in years, however, she is very smart which gives her a very mature aura. 

I will add the remainder of my original post on the Kipper cards  in upcoming posts.

Kelly has a 49:36 minute YouTube video on the Kipperkarten. I would recommend that you watch it whether you are a beginner or experienced reader. The information she shares is some history on the deck as well as meaning for the individual cards.

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