Heed the advice of the Shustah Black Cat card

I did this reading about one month ago. A young business man was entertaining the thought of selling his business. He had a good offer from one company but wondered if another company would bid as well.

shustah reading mar 31.16

Over the many years of working with this deck I have come to an understanding about the card positions in this simple 3-card layout purely from my own experience. I always study layouts after the answer/outcome manifests. Each time you review layouts from the past you will learn something new about the many different levels of interpretation of this system. Did Manser/North intend this type of understanding? I think so. Not only do you have a simple meanings for this deck you also have the images. The images speak volumes.


I have found if there is a challenging card in the Premise spot it gives you a good indication of the pros and cons surrounding the energy connected to the question. You’ve heard the expression that the odds are not in your favour. In a race, when someone is betting on a horse with high odds the chances are slim for a win, however, if the horse does win, you could get a decent payout depending what you bet. Usually, when a red card or at times another coloured card which is weak in energy it will reveal an overview of the odds of the situation.

In other words, you could get an affirmative answer as a result but it will be only as positive as the first card. For example: if you asked a question about a relationship and the red Little Foxes sits in the Premise spot and you get the blue Big Wish as the result more than likely the answer is positive. But, the Big Wish is even more positive if the Premise card is the blue Fishes.  Why?

Well, because the energy of the blue Fishes is positive so the question about the relationship has better pros of being successful. If the red Weeping Woman was the Premise card the odds are higher. The relationship question might not even have a chance of succeeding on the same level of energy as the Big Wish.

In the above image, the red Black cat is looming around this question. The odds are against the other company coming in to bid for the business even though the green Open Door ends the layout. The last card is general positive but within limits.


The blue Diamond sheds light or clarity on situations. If this card were a problem then it means the young man is not seeing the reality of the Black Cat’s warning to be cautious. Also, the fence in the last card represents restrictions. He may not be seeing the total picture.


The green Open Door has developing energy. Progress can be made but with limitations as I mentioned above. It looks like the other company will bid but there could be a catch (fence in background). This card could also mean that if in fact the company bids the young man may feel relieved to some degree. There’s more to this situation than meets the eye. More planning is necessary. By tapping into the energy of the blue Diamond the young man will begin to understand that his hope of this other bid isn’t all it was cut out to be.

The Black Cat represents aspects of that other company as well because the young man is asking about the company. The bid from the company is secondary in importance in this case. What I have written is pretty much my analysis at the time of the reading.


The company did place a bid. The restriction shown in the Open Door card was a limiting offer. They bid to purchase a percentage and not the entire business. The young man did not foresee (blue Diamond as problem) this turn of events. The company knew all along (Black Cat) they would do this so this means the odds were against a bid for the entire business right from the start.

I’d say the 3-card reading was right on track.



4 thoughts on “Heed the advice of the Shustah Black Cat card

  1. Hello there! I’ve had this deck for a few years, but it didn’t come with a book. I just found a copy of it at a second hand bookstore, but the page on Winged Winter is missing. Is there anywhere that you know of that has the information from this page?
    Any help would be very appreciated!
    Thank you 🙂

    • 1. Card of final segment of problem or project. 2. Time card, season of winter. 3. Patience endurance. 4. Time of completion, breakdown period. 5. Strength to finish alone. Winged winter listens but does not give help. 6. Of lack of interest on the part of other people. 7. Prepare to go forward alone in whatever instance the triad portrays.

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