How to read the 12-card Trigger Layout with a Lenormand Deck. What to do about dropped cards?

I receive many questions on how to read the Trigger Layout. It’s not so much that it is an overly complicated layout but I think it is because many Lenormand cartomancers tend not to use positional layouts.  As I have explained in many of the other posts the Trigger Layout is a snapshot of the GT where you find the Significator card provided it is centrally located. As you know, often the Lady or Gentleman cards do not have the exact number of surrounding cards in an actual full board layout. It would be nice if the Significator cards are smack in the middle of the 36 GT layout but this is unlikely for the most part.

This layout can be used with or without the Significator card in the YOU spot (see Lady in image below). You can just shuffle the deck and see which card shows up in the YOU spot. This should tell you what the cards would like you to focus on. This card will reflect some question or thoughts you have at the time of shuffle.

You can pre-select a card of your choice. You can locate the Anchor card from the deck and place it in the YOU spot and shuffle the remaining deck. The other eleven cards will describe situations or influences around your work provided you use the Anchor card to represent work or your job.

One more thing, I do factor in directions when reading some of the cards but in this layout this would be a secondary consideration. The Lady looks to the left at the Coffin card in the Trigger row. Usually the cards falling behind her are past and we could read the cards in front of her as future.  In the Trigger layout the future cards are to the right namely in the Immediate and Soon columns. You can pre-select time frames as I have done. The Immediate column is the Near Future if that is easier for you to remember. The Soon column is the Distant Future and can be up to six months if you wish. I chose two months.

When I read the Trigger Layout I scan the cards. This means I look at all the groups of the cards in the columns. For example, I study Birds/Coffin/Fish and so on. Next, I focus on the Trigger row. This row will bring forward the main theme surrounding the Significator card. Here we have Coffin/Lady/Whip/Anchor.  The very last card in this row plays an important role. It belongs to the Soon column. The cards above and below Anchor describe the influences around the Anchor card.

In other words, Each column has three cards. The card above the Trigger row is similar to the past (what lead up to) of the Trigger card meaning. The card below the Trigger row card is the consequences of the Trigger card meaning. You will see this concept expanded in the reading below.

In the image below I am featuring Jennifer Kast’s original ForTheSeekers Lenormand. If you click the image you should see a larger view.

The 12-card TRIGGER Layout

TRIGGER ROW: coffin. lady. whip. anchor.

Here we can see the female of the reading is hung up on some situation that just happened. It looks like a completion or ending influence. She has her back to the future. The Whip card follows her in this row which means she will continue to suffer silently for at least another couple of weeks. The female may be at cross purposes with someone regarding a past situation. (The other cards above and below the Coffin card will tell you more about this). Within about two months give or take things will be more stable around the female. She could get some work which is an opportunity from the Anchor card. I wouldn’t say any more about this until the Soon Column is studied fully.

PAST COLUMN:  birds. coffin. fish.

It should be making more sense now. Obviously, there are some serious concerns surrounding the female of the reading. She has been really worried about her financial situation. The influences show little progress or increase in her money situation. Even though the Coffin card can end worries of the Birds card the Fish card is coupled with the Coffin card as well showing little activities.

We do have a King of Diamonds involved as well and this can be a financial advisor or an object of interest to the female. No matter, it won’t be moving along quickly.

As you read the other columns more and more will be revealed. This might only be one thing on the female’s mind at the time of shuffle whether she expresses it or not.

NOW COLUMN: mountain. YOU (lady). tower.

Fine bunch of cards around the female … not. She is really weighed down and troubled. A huge obstacle stands on her shoulders. She could even be feeling quite down about what is going on around her at the current time. It doesn’t look like she is getting much emotional /financial support from others.

There is a way around this, though. The Mountain card is not the end of the road. It merely presents a block in the line of vision for a future goal. The female’s worries are monumental (birds/mountain). She has brought the heaviness of the past into the ‘now’ and just can’t seem to shake this off, yet.

➡ AT THIS POINT OF THE READING I stopped to put the kettle on for a fresh cup of coffee. I really want to share with you what happened next.

As I stood up, I noticed a couple of cards fell on the floor near my bag with some yarn for a hat I’m in the midst of crocheting.  I couldn’t believe it. I don’t remember dropping any cards at all. This is such a bizarre experience.

WHAT TO DO?  a) should I scrap the whole reading b) continue the reading after I make a coffee c) factor in the importance of these two cards

I decided to go with the flow and leave the reading as is and to study the cards which fell. In my view, it was meant to do the layout with the missing cards. I did not know they were missing until I came to the Immediate Column of cards. These two cards push the reading back a bit in importance but not too much. These two cards need to be addressed. It is a hidden message. They might explain why the female is facing the Coffin card. These card might be a warning of something which will occur within a day or so. What are the SCYTHE + DOG cards saying?


ForTheSeekers Lenormand Scythe and Dog

As I sit here, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee I am studying the Scythe and Dog cards. No doubt there was or will be a severance in a close friendship surrounding the female getting this reading done. If you look at the image, the pointed part of the scythe faces the dog. This will be startling news for sure.


There will be some news coming. It is on its way and directly connected to the past and now cards. This situation will cause some further hardships for the female. She could get involved in an argument. This might explain the role of the Scythe/Dog combination. The column ends with the Bear card. The female will be overpowered by some situation. Seeing the Whip/Bear combined is a really fierce energy.


We have not seen the Gentleman card in this layout. As far as I know the female is in a relationship. The fact that Gentleman has not showed up can only suggest that her man will play a secondary role over the next two months or he will not be actively involved with her for some reason.

The Heart/Anchor combination is fairly solid for relationships, however, the Stork card is lending its influence to this combo suggesting change is coming. I don’t think Anchor represents work or a job in this case. I think the Anchor card is more about security and stability. These three cards do point to some adjustments coming up because of a situation which has ended in the past. I suspect there is a special friendship at risk here (Scythe/Dog). It will be interesting to see whether or not the female breaks up with her man. The reason I am saying this is because in most relationship our mate is our best friend…the romantic part of it is the icing on the cake.

I have just briefly explained on how to read the cards in the Trigger Layout. There are other variations such as different levels of understanding of the cards and their combinations. I hope you found today’s post helpful.

October 29/15. See comments for updates:

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7 thoughts on “How to read the 12-card Trigger Layout with a Lenormand Deck. What to do about dropped cards?

  1. I was surprised and sad that her actual dog passed away. Maybe he was her anchor. I was stumped by the tower, but now I think it was the vet hospital. Thanks for the informative reading!

  2. Hello Seaqueen, as there was no specific question, I think that this layout is about money problems which should resolve themselves within 2 months possibly with the help of a bank. For the dog and the scythe I think that is entirely a different matter and the cards in their wisdom chose to show you the fate of the friendship the lady shared with her poor dog/companion. Here again we see how Lenormand can get very literal. Thank you for this very informative article.

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