a few Gipsy cards provide advice about relationships

When studying only a few Gipsy cards such  DEATH, JOURNEY, MISFORTUNE and WIDOW potential dramatic events can be predicted with or without a question.

Possible Interpretation: An unexpected trip was necessary due to a sudden turn of events which required some quick thinking because of an older woman. There is a real seriousness in this situation.

When you look at the MISFORTUNE card you see the firemen attempting to rescue a woman with child from a burning building. Is this woman in real danger? Was there an accident while travelling?

Since the DEATH card falls first this suggests the created situation is leading to a conclusion or ending. It is what it is and because of it there is a sense of urgency to follow. JOURNEY+ MISFORTUNE often depicts mishaps on the road. The cards are a warning of some urgency.

gipsy cards death, journey misfortune, widow - 1
Deck available from PIATNIK

This sudden emergency could place the woman in survival mode. It looks like a woman may have to flee a situation due to some hysterical circumstances. She doesn’t have much emotional support as the WIDOW card tends to be a woman standing alone.

There a lots of different interpretations especially if there was a direct question asked.

Will my current relationship lead to a serious commitment?

General ADVICE for both genders: The cards are not favourable for your current relationship to lead to a serious commitment. The person you are involved with will have a dramatic shift in their view of you. They may not even want to stay in the relationship. In the end, you will be without a partner. This relationship is not healthy. There is a lack of balance and one of you is always saving the other one.

Someone’s mother could be disrupting the flow of this relationship. This mother or motherly type woman often needs assistance. She may be dependant on transportation as she may not drive. 

Note: The WIDOW card can take things seriously but since the preceding cards point to struggles and problems the positive influence is minimized.

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