Part 1/3. Reading card to house to card technique in Lenormand GT

I receive regular questions on how to read the Lenormand GT Houses. This technique can begin with the Significator card in one of the Houses. As you know each House is in numerical order beginning with #1 Rider through #36 Cross. Today’s GT is the 9 x 4 layout. To illustrate this technique I have taken a picture of the complete layout so you can see it with the corresponding Houses written on the tiles. There are 14 links from the Gentleman card. I placed a dot on each card/house involved to avoid drawing lines which do look messy especially as a teaching tool.

Next, I took a picture of each card in House which is involved in the 14 links. Uploading and cropping the images did take several hours but I wanted to give you a visual because it does help when you are learning. Even for the experienced readers there are varying degrees of visualization skills.

Below is the full board layout (GT – click for larger view). There is a typo on the bottom of the GT. It should read 14 links not 13 links. I enjoy Jennifer Kast’s original ForTheSeekers Lenormand cards because of the gentle imagery. Check out her website for her current “1889” Lenormand project.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand GT by Jennifer Kast
This is an actual reading for a man, Adam, in his late 50’s. He is experiencing many changes in all areas of life. Let’s take a look at what the cards say about the next 6 months or so since that was his time frame. There was little background provided except that he was under some hefty transits. Adam wanted to compare what the cards say in comparison to a predictive Astrological reading he received recently. He does not mind his reading posted on my blog. 

  1. Beginning with Gentleman in the Scythe house.1. gentleman in scythe house

This could be a cause for some concern. Adam might actually be experiencing some physical pain. He could feel cut off from those close to him. Since this combo would be read as the ‘now’ something may have just happened which was sudden and unexpected. He is not in front of me so I could ask him. If he was I would state my findings plus ask him to confirm or reject what I said. I’ve always believed that you have to nail the accuracy as close as possible right from the start.

2. Scythe in the Cross house.2. scythe in cross house
The sudden and unexpected situation will create some further hardships or suffering. If he has physical pain it will intensify. The Scythe card does not cut away the potential suffering because the House’s energy rules. Just like in Astrology the House maintains its meaning no matter what planet is in there. The planet can stir things up in a good or bad way and this is similar to the card in House interpretation. The energy of the Scythe is swift. It can be instant pay back like Karma.

3. Cross in the Tower house.

Before you even attempt reading the GT houses technique you need to have a good understanding of the cards’ meanings.3 cross in tower house What is your understanding of the Tower card? Is it a long life, some kind of building, place of worship, alienation, etc.? With the Cross card passing through here it is bringing the previous energy (scythe influence) with it. It is quite possible we are seeing a hospital although there are no definite indicators of a health problem.

4. Tower in Stork house.4 tower in stork house
Whatever meaning you chose for the Tower card it will undergo change of direction. It it was to be a hospital then it can predict the return to the facility. Should it be official matters then Adam will experience different set of plans. It could even indicate changing something connected to official documents.

Continued in Part 2/3 and 3/3 .

2 thoughts on “Part 1/3. Reading card to house to card technique in Lenormand GT

  1. Thank you for this post Jozefa. I appreciate how you showed the full spread and then zoned in on the particulars to look at. 🙂 It is amazing how many cards came up in their own houses. I knighted him right off as facing big difficulties with the woman (and she is facing problems also in communications with him. Their arguing should cease and the big decision facing them should be resolved in a month or by the next moon… And I am so looking forward to your continuation on this post! Thanks again.

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