Part 2/3 card to House to card Lenormand GT

In continuation of the Lenormand GT Houses reading beginning with the Gentleman in the Scythe House. As a reminder, the tile names are the Houses in the GT.

5. Stork in the Birds house. 
The changes which will affect Adam could be twofold. All changes spill over into other 5 stork in birds houseareas of life. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. The Birds House can indicate a grieving experience. We all grieve to some extent when releasing aspects of our lives which no longer serve us. In some ways, this House reminds me of Heckle and Jeckle if you remember that cartoon. Here we have unstable energy visited by fluctuating energy. This would certainly produce a worrisome time.

6. Birds in the Park house.
The energy of the Birds card laced with the Stork energy passes through the Park/Garden house. Will some information be brought out into the open and made public for all to know?6 birds in park house It seems as though there will be quite a few people involved in Adam’s situation. Many years ago, when this combo appeared in a GT House reading it foretold of a death. The display of public grief at the funeral home. I wouldn’t go so far as to predict this just yet until all other card – house – card links are studied as well as the Lady’s role in Adam’s life.

7. Park in the Snake house.
The Queen of Clubs will be exposed. Determining who she is cannot be clearly defined at this point but she would be a woman close to Adam since it is his reading and his Significator card leads (links) here. 7 park in snake houseHe may only have a public friendship although the Snake house does have undercurrents of secretive liaisons associated with it. It is important to carry a theme through the linking process so that it makes some sort of sense. If this theme is health related this House can represent a medical specialist. If the theme leans towards indiscretions in some way the secret of this connection will come out into the open.

8. Snake in the Clover house.
The Queen of Club’s influence is not long-lasting. She pops in for a brief experience.8 snake in clover houseYou never know she could actually help Adam given this House does contain positive energy albeit fleeting. Sometimes people appear in our lives for a short time, serve their purpose and then disappear when their job is done. We cross paths with people all the time. They have messages for us. Often we are in need of information or guidance and voilà you run into someone who has what you need to hear. James Redfield (Celestial Prophecies) calls this Synchronicity.

9. The Clover in the Path house.
The wind has blown the shamrock on Adam’s path. A decision awaits him over the next 6 months probably less given we are half way through the linking.9 clover in path house It is something a bit more important than deciding on what book to purchase or what to order at a restaurant. No matter which option he chooses small luck is on his side. Actually, it could be an unexpected opportunity that should benefit him in some way. The question is which area of life does this influence apply to as there could be a number of situations happening around him. He may already know what this is.

10. The Path in the Heart house.
The road leads to a relationship or love situation. The decision will be emotional. It might involve a relationship. Lady or Snake?10 path in heart houseWe sort of ruled out the Snake. Interestingly, the Lady card does not link in Adam’s card-house-card technique. What this means is that his association with her is not of the utmost importance at the time of the shuffle. This has to be something else which could involve her indirectly because I am aware he has someone special in his life. And so the story gets intriguing at this point. It’s like reading chapters in a book and of course, the next few cards/houses will uncover more.

11. Heart in the Sun house.
I was going to end the post here.   🙂
Ok, one more link but the explanation will be in Part 3/3. This duo looks like it is filled with powerful energy.11 heart in sun houseThe other links need to be factored in because you don’t read the card in house as a stand alone interpretation. The Sun card does link to Whip house.

Continued in Part 3/3

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