asking the Robin Wood Tarot using the Shustah 3 card layout

Those of you who are familiar with the Pages of Shustah system by Ann Manser/Cecil North would be aware of the 3 card layout used throughout the accompanying handbook.

I like this simple layout and have used it with many decks. In today’s post, I am featuring the Robin Wood Tarot to ask a question about a client’s (the husband) well-being. As you can see by the image I have cropped and cornered my working deck. Mind you, it was a challenge to get the cards precisely the same size but they are pretty close.  sideway smaile
I felt a tad guilty cutting the cards for some strange reason.

A woman client wants to know if her husband’s health will continue to improve for the remainder of this year. This would be a time line question as well to include about five months or so. This is a health related question but we are not asking the cards to identify any diseases or anything. We are asking about forthcoming improvements. The husband wasn’t feeling all that great the last six months or so due to a condition. This details of his condition are not important. The wife just wants to know if he will start feeling better.

Robin Wood Tarot using Pages of Shustah 3 card layout
PREMISE: The Lovers. The first card reflects the husband’s responsibility to his own health. It is also about the choices he is making. I have seen the Lovers card plus the 2 of Cups to indicate the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. If you take this meaning and apply it to the question there is strong evidence that heath improvements will be also be a long-lasting relationship. The relationship of the husband with his own health.

SITUATION: Wheel of Fortune. As a situation, this card suggests changes. Since the accompanying cards are relatively positive and this is a good indicator of positive changes. You know how it is with this card. One minute you are riding a high wave and the next minute you hit rock bottom.

/PROBLEM: As a problem, the Wheel of Fortune is about cycles. Maybe the husband’s condition has to run its course. This means there could be highs and lows over the next 5 months or so. Given the nature of the other cards the Wheel of Fortune wouldn’t present too much of a problem.

RESULT: 2 of Cups. This Minor Arcana contains promising energy. It is a card of emotional connectivity. The husband will continue to improve. He has come to the realization that he needs to care about his own health. He needs to maintain a bond with his health by nurturing not only his body but also his emotions.

By transferring the meanings of the Tarot to fit the question you will achieve a more suitable interpretation that makes sense when arriving at the answer.

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