The Lenormand Path card can lead to a dead end situation.

There are no secrets with the Path card’s meaning. It is a choice, decision or option. The card tells you that you should consider or reconsider an alternative direction in a situation. This situation can be just about anything. If your layout includes past, present and future divisions of time you should be able to figure out this card’s influence in the reading.

On its own, the Path card has neutral energy in that it neither brings a positive or negative influence by itself. When it is coupled with other cards its influence can be determined. It is similar to the Rider card because you know someone or something is approaching but you do not know the results. Usually the card preceding the Rider will give you clues and the card following often reveals the reaction or outcome.

With the Path card the outcome or results can be seen in the cards following it. The card preceding the Path card if there is one will often describe in what area of life changes are necessary.

GT: If the Path card is coupled with one of the Significator cards you will know the person is “thinking” about a change in direction especially if it lies above the Gentleman or Lady. When it falls beneath the Significator cards the decision has been made.

Preceding the Significator card (s) in a GT, the Path card suggests the same thing as the above paragraph. The only difference is it falls in the immediate past (if you read past to mean to the left of the Gentleman or Lady cards). You will learn more about this in the cards above the Significators because it would still be fresh in the person’s mind.

Following the Significator (s) in a GT, the Path card suggests the person is embarking on some decision-making. The cards above the Path card should give you more information. This carries on to the card below the Path card in that column because for the most part the columns continue a story about a theme to some degree.

The Path card will always appear in the GT because you use all 36 cards. You can check the House in which it passes through for more information. I tend to do this on occasion but as a rule I don’t mix too many techniques because the cards can provide ample information for study.

22. The Path

Dust Bunny Lenormand Marcia McCord

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

8. Coffin. Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Not all options or decisions will lead you to a better place. It is important to study the Path card according to the nearby cards and position in a GT. Let say it is the Coffin card. This duo would predict a dead-end result but maybe, that is what you want. For smaller layouts, the Path card’s meaning doesn’t change and what you would do is apply it to the question asked. At the same time combining the card with the other cards. It depends on how you read the 5 card layout (for example). Is it left to right? Is it middle first, then left 2 cards and finally the last 2 cards? Of course, there are other smaller layouts like the block of 9 which is a micro version of the GT (imo).


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