Is a positive card a favourable answer?

Posing questions is viewed differently by cartomancers.

If I want a yes or no answer to a question then I take the yes card to be positive and the no card to be negative. To me positive means favourable and favourable means good. You all have your own understanding of what positive means to you. 

Of course, a yes answer isn’t always positive. I receive emails asking me about negative questions. Part of the reason for this is because if a positive card comes up as the answer it throws the person off.

For example: How can a wonderful wish card which means yes and is quite positive in meaning show up as an answer to a question about inoperable cancer? 

  • Is the person faithful? Wish card answer- yes.
  • Is the person cheating? Wish card answer- yes.
  • Are the test results positive? Wish card answer- yes.
  • Are the test results bad? Wish card answer- yes.
  • Did uncle X steal the money? Wish card answer- yes.
  • Is aunt X sick? Wish card answer- yes.

Health questions – wording is important to some extent but as card readers we are not really asking for medical advice that should be left for professionally trained individuals. One needs to put oneself in the mindset of a cartomancer and not in the mindset of a person who has some medical training. On occasion, there might be an exception if you are specifically reading the cards from a ‘medical’ point of view.

If I ask the cards whether or not someone’s surgery will have a positive outcome I’m looking for a yes or no answer. I am not asking the medical circumstances around this surgery. There are several cards in any system which specifically say yes or no or pretty close to it.

pages of shustah 3 card reading

Will the test results be positive?  Positive means favourable outcome and this means good. It would be a yes answer. 

The above Pages of Shustah cards lie in pre-defined positions. First, you scan the colours. Each suit colour has several layers of meanings. Next, you read the card in the position it falls. 

Once you have a good understanding of what the cards indicate in the positions you tell the story = the answer to the question. Most of the time last card is the overall answer.

The first card in the image is generally read as a no answer. The second card leans towards a no answer as well. The last card, however, is saying yes. You can read this trio using the colours of the suits. These two red cards show great effort is required to overcome the challenges ahead. The final card is more promising in a good way. Yes, the tests will be positive. The question here is just how positive will the tests be given that the red Death card sits in the premise position. One important point about this card. It possesses great strength and can cancel out a well meaning positive card. The red Bed describes the situation. The test is being performed due to an illness. The blue Summer angel is a card of success through group effort.

Are the cards giving a yes answer to the question?

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