Art Deco fortune-telling cards tell a story

PARTY:  Hostess says, “Thank you Missy for coming to our party this evening. You look smashing. Charlie would you be so kind as to introduce Missy to our newest member and most eligible bachelor.” Charlie looks like he is maintaining emotional control.

MISUNDERSTANDING:  Hostess says (out of her party gown), “Why in heaven’s name Charlie did you not let on that you and Missy were old friends. I have to wonder what else you have not been telling me.” Charlie stands in the background with his arms folded in a rather self-protective gesture. 

Both these individuals are creating the discord in their communication with each other. They face opposite directions. The hostess is dwelling on the party (left card) and Charlie is facing the Pride card (right card).  Does this problem get resolved?

PRIDE: Charlie is the stubborn one in this scenario. His body language reveals that he thinks he did nothing wrong by not acknowledging his history with Missy. Too bad for him. The Hostess has caught him. Charlie seems to be thinking, “How dare you question me!”

This problem will take some time before it is resolved. More open communication is necessary. Too much pride can prevent a solution or compromise when there are differing perspectives to a misunderstanding.

3 thoughts on “Art Deco fortune-telling cards tell a story

    • Hi: With the Easter holidays & visitors my time was somewhat limited to post. I hope to continue with more interesting cartomancy posts. Any particular topic/deck of cards you are interested in? Seaqueen

      • Oh that’s nice you’ve been having a festive time. I’m glad you are well. I’m interested in the Lenormand and Plaitnik (sp) decks as I have them and am learning them. I would love to see a post on how to tell about a new love relationship and old relationship in a Grand Tableau, because I get a bit baffled when trying to do that spread. Or maybe you have a better spread for that. Also, what new jobs come up for someone. Best spread for that and seeing more than one and distinguishing between the two. Thanks!

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