Regina Russell’s 6 card Marriage Layout answers business question

In Regina Russell’s Card Readers Handbook (page 118) she features the 6 card Marriage Layout. This spread can be used for any question.  Also, I have found that many other decks can be used not just the standard playing cards. Generally, the time frame for this layout is about two months or so. I think if you preset a time frame other than a couple of months the cards should answer your question.

The cards you see in the image have only two meanings written on them. I did this for some of you so you don’t have to look up the meanings in case you don’t know them off by heart.

Happy Face

Yipee the meanings are on the cards.

Those of you who are studying Regina’s method know that each card can have quite a few different meanings. There are so many life situations that multiple meanings are necessary for each card. A trio of cards can give you several predictions as well, however, in the 6 card layout all the cards should be directly related to the question. The odd time you will find a non related external influence.

One thing to note is that much of the Reading depends on the last card. The pivotal card is the bottom right card in the last column. I have found this to be true many times but not all the time. It all depends on the strength of the other cards in the layout.

The question is not about marriage. The question is about the success of a business venture being introduced at an event scheduled early 2015 which involves George. 

6 card layout Russell's system

Three hearts, 1 Diamonds, 2 Clubs, No Spades.  Two Aces.

Ace + King♥ The Ace of Diamonds lies under the King of Hearts. This means George has been spreading the word about this business venture because this column is the past or premise of the reading.  Aces bring lots of new opportunities and given they are both red the energy is very positive.

George is bringing something new to this event. He has an idea which excites him very much.

➡ We skip over to the third column to study the now or process related to the question. The middle column is the future or answer to the question.

5♣ + 7♣  Busy time indeed with double clubs.  Before we look at the pivotal card lets analyze the 5 of Clubs.  This card is all about work and business. It’s a card of organization. George is having a lot of conversations about his idea. The job interview meaning applies here because the people talking to George are asking him question about his business venture. That would be considered an interview.

Pivotal Card: The 7 of Clubs suggests George will need to work very hard to promote his business venture at this event. That’s ok with him because he is a hard worker (next to a ♣) and he doesn’t mind working hard (next to a )

George needs to be careful he doesn’t get into arguments. His emotions (double s) might take over and he may become quite protective (King ‘s personality) of his business idea. Being over-confident (5♣) can sometimes send the wrong message. It’s like the over enthusiastic sales person in department store. You just want to run away from them.           🙂

The 7♣ is also about negotiations which ties in nicely with the 5♣.

What more could you ask for but the wish card involved in the answer column topped by a well-meaning heart.

9 + Ace♥ Double hearts of the best kind. Since there are no spades, especially the 3♠ (signifying confusion around the wish), there is a high probability his wishes about the success of business venture will be fulfilled. The Ace of Hearts empowers the wish card. 

The Ace  is also a card about the home and since it is next to the King the combination suggests George is very much a family man. He is also the type of person who likes to build and create.

Most likely George has already started to build an office area for himself within his home (A + A = remodelling or renovations). This could also be part of the reason he is so busy. (double ♣ ‘s)

YES, George will be very successful at the event early 2015 and probably more than he can ever imagine. There could be a change of residence involved as well.  (A+ 5♣ )

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