5 card Any Question Layout

The 5 card Any Question Layout works well with any deck of cards as long as you like layouts with named positions. Some cartomancers don’t and some do. I, for one, enjoy them.

I use this layout often with several of my regular working decks. It is quite simple. It gives you little more information when asking a question about any topic of your choice. Also, you have a time frame. You shuffle your preferred deck in your usual manner and take the top five cards from the deck. At times you may want to select the cards randomly from the shuffled deck. 

To illustrate the layout I’ll use the Gipsy cards. Question:  Susan wants to know the future of her relationship with David. 

Position 1 -your attitude



Looks like Susan has some issues at the time of shuffle. She could be imagining all kinds of things which may have propelled her into getting a reading. Her attitude is not healthy at the current time. She is not at ease and quite suspicious about certain aspects of her relationship with David. She’s waiting for something but doesn’t know what it is. She’s prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Position 2- your present situation


The Merriment card shows that Susan is having a good time with David. They seem to be socially active. This card can also suggest one of these two people is not taking things too seriously. Given that the Enemy card represents Susan’s attitude it is more likely that David has a rather light view of the relationship.

Position 3- your immediate situation -1 month

ZIGEUNER .JUDGE Within a month’s time, give or take, there will be a serious conversation between these two people. Susan will put her foot down and demand some answers. She will feel that a decision needs to be made with regards to the future of the relationship. Their discussions will be all about who is right and who is wrong. You know, the usual stuff couples do when confronted about responsibilities.

Position 4- your near future situation -3 months

ANGER Zigeuner


The heat is on. The relationship will endure some struggles over the 3 month period. They will still be together but will be arguing quite a bit. It will be quite an emotional time with little peace and quiet. Things will get very frustrating as there will be power struggles.

Position 5- the outcome



Susan needs to give her head a good shake to get rid of her negative attitude (Enemy). I think the experience of the Anger card will be positive in the long run. There is enough of a bond to keep these two people together.

Love wins in the end. hearts

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