How to read the Cigany Kartya (Gipsy cards) in the 4 card Elements layout

Elements Layout instructions

Elements Layout instructions

I posed a question for the Cigany Kartya (Hungarian version of the Gipsy cards) using the 4 card Elements Layout. I feel these cards can stand alone quite well in positional layouts and don’t need neighbouring cards all the time to be effective. The reason for this is because the name of the position works with the meaning of the card quite nicely.

Question: Should I teach a Lenormand cards workshop at an upcoming event knowing that this deck is not as well known as the Tarot cards. What I am really curious about is if the information on the Lenormand system will be well received. When you have “die-hard” Tarot practitioners and followers of Tarot you may find some resistance to other cartomancy systems. However, the only way to spread the word is introduce the system as I have countless numbers of times. I really don’t want to talk about Mlle Lenormand all that much because frankly she was not the creator of the system many of us are playing around with these days.

The Game of Hope history can be found by clicking the underlined name. This system was created before Lenormand’s name was attached to it. Yes, there are similarities with many of the card names but one should give credit where credit is due. Most of the general public knows historically who Napoleon was. By using the worn out introduction that Mlle Lenormand was fortune-teller to him & his wife is always a good way to get someone’s attention (initially). My goal is to teach the system of how to read these 36 cards individually and a few shorter layouts to demonstrate how to link the cards. I do want to mention the GT briefly but will gauge the responses of the attendees to see how far I take that. 

Elements Layout. Card 1 & 2

Elements Layout. Card 1 & 2

The Thoughts and Feelings positions will address what was going through my mind at the time of shuffle in direct relation to the question. My own emotions are important. One’s passion towards a goal/topic of question can be affected on many levels.

Elements Layout. Card 3 & 4

Elements Layout. Card 3 & 4

How one applies the Action card to achieve a result (What can Happen) is vital as well. If you see the final card not giving you the outcome you had hoped for the Action card must be studied further. This card could reveal a misdirected path. For example: if you follow a certain course of action you might discover that you are heading into a brick wall. The What can Happen card will show you the results of your efforts. If you don’t like the outcome (card 4) then you need to embrace other meanings of Card 3.
Cigany Kartya Loss, Constancy, Love, Thought
CARD 1- LOSS. Here I am at the table playing a game of cards. The man of the left side of the image has a semi smile as he places a card on the table suggesting he might win the hand. The other man on the right side of the image is smoking his pipe heavily as he fiddles around with his cards. He is thinking real hard trying to outsmart the other guy. The pressure is on. One of these men will lose the hand but not without a good fight.

Games of chance involve a risk or gamble. I see this card as suggesting that I am thinking about all the ins and outs of teaching this Lenormand workshop. I am in deep thought about how to present the information.

CARD 2 – CONSTANCY. My feelings on teaching the workshop are rooted in strength of experience. I have an unchanging passion towards cartomancy. This means I want to teach this topic according to my passion. The image of the eye in the card suggests my feelings are one pointed as in total focus. So, this card provides me constructive energy.

CARD 3 – LOVE.  This card is telling me to follow my heart and to make plans for what I love to do – teaching people how to read cards. If I go ahead and plan on this workshop I will need to capture the hearts of my audience as well. This should be no problem as I am quite comfortable speaking about what I love.

Looking ahead at the last card I see that more planning is necessary or reconsideration.

CARD 4 – THOUGHT.  Here I am sitting on a bench with closed book in hand. In this book, is all my knowledge I want to share and a lot of what I have not shared on my blog (black book). I will continue to ponder about teaching this workshop. Hopefully, I don’t just throw the closed book over the bench into the bushes, lol. 

My question was should I teach the Lenormand workshop. It’s important to answer the question posed. I’m not getting a definitive answer with the Thought card which tells me I need to tap into the Love card a bit more.

A little more review is needed on the Love Card as this card holds information on what I should do. The Love card is suggesting that I aim cupid’s arrow right to the heart of the audience by showing my own excitement which should be easy enough. It could be telling me to ignite the Love card’s energy in such a way that I present the Lenormand cards from a love affair perspective. It’s about stirring up passions in the audience to want to learn how to read the Lenormand cards. 

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