Update on Jan 2014 playing card reading- Regina Russell method.

Since I deactivated the re-post options I have copied some the reading from the Jan 12/14 Reading and included an update. For the entire post search the January archives.

The Reading January 12, 2014

15 card Regina Russell system. Jan 12:14

“These observations should give you a general idea for the theme or essence of the Reading already.”

The first combination I want to study is the 8♠ 9♠.  This duo indicates a major operation/surgery. These two cards do not fall together but nevertheless they are in the layout. When they fall separately I read this as a scheduled surgery date or at least knowledge that an operation is necessary. Most likely it has been discussed since the 9♠ falls in the left fan indicating the past or passing situation. Who is having the surgery? Is it the Jack ♦  or the Jack♠ which ends the fan on the bottom?  The 2 Jacks together indicate someone in uniform (probably nurses or younger doctors). The King and 2 Jacks point to a team or group of people.

UPDATE: heart surgery assessment for a family member included a team of medical people like nurses & doctors. From that meeting the surgery was scheduled for June 2014.

The 3♠ is beside the 9♠ even though they are in different fans of cards. (double spades)The 3 ♠ represents tests, x-rays and does suggest something is blocked. The 10♣ beside it points to fluids. I would only use the meaning for a trip or small business if I were talking about that.  It’s important to remember that. Use the keywords which tie into the theme or topics you are summarizing. The fan ends with the Jack suggesting there won’t be an emergency or problem in the upcoming weeks. The Jack  can be the person facing the tests which ties into the surgery prediction.

UPDATE: ties into last paragraph. X-rays indicated several blockages in arteries. Surgery was successful.

In the next fan (up to 2 months or so) we see the 7♣ showing an argument. It could be a negotiation as well. This card has busy energy which means most likely there will be lots of conversations (5) to come with the Q. There is some kind of attraction between the Jack and Queen . They do fall separately but the duo still means someone from the past who had an emotional connection.

UPDATE: a friend’s encounter with someone new which felt like someone old (past life).

The top fan with the Jack♣ Ace (home) King ♠ predicts a family reunion. It doesn’t end well because the ♠ ends the fan. There is some problem or issue. Reunion are typically thought of as good but sometimes reunion need to happen because of something unsettling. In the past I have seen 8♠ 9♠ Ace  to indicate heart surgery. You can study the cards beside the 8♠ and 9♠ for more clues.  3♠ can be an infection.  6♠ can be the back.

UPDATE: News of a distant relative falling – breaking back. Required 2 back surgeries. Did not survive. Reunion of family members at the funeral.

Note: This 15 card layout predicted up to 7 months into the future & quite possibly another few more months as there are a few predictions which have not come to pass. This can happen and one should not be rigid with the time frame of the wings.

The bottom fan has triple ♠. This fan is also up to 2 months or so and can show delays or challenges. The 6♠ and the Ace could be a move in location. The 6♠ is the fate card as well. The Jack ♠ ending this fan is connected to the home (6♠).

UPDATE: has not come to pass

10♣ 10 indicates an airplane trip which may or may not have anything to do with this surgery prediction. I would really need to have the Ace♣ in this layout to confirm a hospital connection.  

UPDATE: has not come to pass with exception of an long trip via airplane for another member of the family


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